Analyze LED outdoor lighting fixture design considerations

The design of outdoor LED lighting fixtures should conform to the latest outdoor lighting fixture technical specifications promulgated by China, as well as urban road lighting design standards.

First, the working environment

LED outdoor lighting fixtures are subject to harsh working conditions, exposed to wind and rain, sun exposure, ultraviolet radiation in the sun, temperature difference between day and night, dust in the air, chemical gases and other conditions. The lamps are subject to natural ageing treatment year after year. . The impact of these factors should be fully considered in the design.

Second, LED lighting materials and cooling options

The outer casing and the heat sink are designed to solve the heat problem of the LED lighting fixture. This method is better, generally aluminum or aluminum alloy, copper or copper alloy, and other alloys with good heat conduction. The heat dissipation has air convection heat dissipation, strong wind cooling heat dissipation and heat pipe heat dissipation. (Jet cooling heat dissipation is also a kind of heat pipe cooling, but the structure is more complicated.)

The choice of what kind of heat dissipation method has a direct impact on the cost of the luminaire should be considered comprehensively, and the best solution should be selected in conjunction with the design product.

The design of the lampshade is also very important. Currently, there are transparent plexiglass, PC materials, etc. The traditional lampshade is a transparent glass product. What kind of material is selected is related to the design of the product grade. Generally speaking, the outdoor lamp The lampshade is preferably a traditional glass product, which is the best choice for long-life, high-end lamps. The lampshade made of transparent plastic, plexiglass, etc. is better for the indoor lamp, and the outdoor life is limited. Because of the outdoor sunlight, ultraviolet light, sand dust, chemical gas, temperature difference between day and night, etc., the aging life of the lampshade is shortened. Secondly, the pollution is not easy to clean and clean, so that the transparency of the lampshade reduces the light output.

Third, the LED chip package

At present, LED lamps (mainly street lamps) produced in China are mostly assembled by using 1W LEDs in multiple strings and parallels. This method has higher thermal resistance than advanced packaging technology and is not easy to produce high-quality lamps. Or it can be assembled with 30W, 50W or even larger modules to achieve the required power. The packaging materials of these LEDs are encapsulated in epoxy resin and encapsulated in silicone. Hemai believes that: At present, the LED industry is in a period of rapid development. In the global economic market, who can be good at discovering business opportunities can master the lifeline of the times. The e-commerce channel has the advantages of eliminating a series of high-cost expenses such as offline channel marketing, warehousing, and personnel. At the same time, manufacturers can have more innovative ideas in the development of e-commerce channels.

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