Why is LED backlight technology widely used in the display market?

With its unique and overwhelming advantages, LED backlight technology has gradually shown a strong application prospect, and has been widely used in the display industry such as digital signage and splicing screen. Why is LED backlight technology widely used in the display market?

The reason why LED backlight technology is widely used in the display market is mainly reflected in the following ten advantages.

1, strong color expression

Its color expression is stronger than CCFL backlight, which can make a good complement to the liquid crystal technology with insufficient display color, and the color reproduction effect is better.

2, long service life

The life of the LED can be as long as 100,000 hours. Even if it is used continuously for 10 hours every day, it can be used continuously for 27 years, which greatly prolongs the service life of the LCD TV and gains the overwhelming advantage of plasma technology.

3, the brightness adjustment range is large

It is easy to achieve LED power control, unlike the minimum brightness of CCFL. Therefore, it is easy for the user to adjust the brightness of the display device to the most pleasing state, whether in a bright outdoor or a black room.

4, the motion image is perfect

The flashing illuminating frequency of the conventional CCFL lamp is low, and the dynamic scene may cause the picture to jump. The LED backlight can flexibly adjust the lighting frequency, and the frequency is much higher than the CCFL, so it can perfectly display the moving picture.

5, real-time color management

Since the red, green and blue colors are independent of each other, it is easy to precisely control the current display color characteristics.

6, can adjust the backlight white balance, while ensuring the overall contrast

When the user's video source is switched between the computer and the DVD player, the white balance can be easily adjusted between 9600K and 6500K without sacrificing brightness and contrast.

7, can provide a continuous array of light sources for large screens

LED is a kind of planar light source. The most basic light-emitting unit is a square package with a length of 3~5mm. It is easy to combine into a surface light source with a certain area. It has good brightness uniformity. If it is used as backlight of LCD TV. The source, the required auxiliary optics can be made very simple, and the screen brightness uniformity is even better.

8, security

The LED uses a low voltage power supply of 5~24V, which is very safe and the design of the power supply module is quite simple.

9, environmental protection

LED light source does not produce any radiation, and there is no toxic substance such as mercury. It can be said to be a green light source.

10. Earthquake resistance

The planar structure gives the LED a solid internal structure and excellent shock resistance.

It is with these high-quality advantages that LED technology has been widely used in the display industry.

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