Bridge maintenance project, bridge lighting (including LED officials) project procurement announcement

Title: Bridge Maintenance Engineering, Bridge Lighting (including LED officials) Project Procurement Announcement Tender No.: NNZC2009-1063A Announcement Date: May 26, 2009 Deadline: May 16, 2009 Tendering Agency: Nanning Municipal Engineering Management Departments and cities: Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region... Content: Entrusted by the Municipal Engineering Management Office of Nanning, the Centralized Purchasing Center of Nanning Municipal Government intends to disclose the maintenance of the Nanning City Municipal Engineering Management Office and the procurement of bridge lighting projects. Bidding procurement, the procurement information is now announced as follows:

I. Item No.: NNZC2009-1063A
Project Name: Nanning Municipal Municipal Engineering Management Office, Yongning Pu Temple Bridge Maintenance Project, Bridge Lighting Project Procurement Project Budget: RMB 10,000 yuan (Â¥300,0000.00)

Second, the project content:
※Reference model and specification
1. Floodlights. 16 sets.
2, LED digital tube. 1060 sets.
3, LED wall washer. 588 sets.
4, "Pu Temple Bridge" font. 4 sets.
5. Power cable. 5,600 meters.
6, copper core sheathed wire. 2,800 meters.
7. Plastic coated steel pipe. 5000 meters.
8, plastic tube. 600 meters.
9, plastic tube. 2,800 meters.
10. Surface mounted plastic junction box. 220.
11. Install the maintenance bracket for the wall washer. 7 T.
... The specific technical parameters are detailed in the electronic tender.
※Technical parameters
The above manufacturer's model specifications are for reference only. The specific requirements are detailed in the procurement documents.

Third, supplier qualification requirements:
1. A factory (business) with domestic legal person status and registered business scope to meet the procurement content of the project; 2. Qualified for urban and road lighting engineering contracting level 3 or above.

Fourth, the tender / procurement documents release time: May 26, 2009 to June 15, 2009 (normal working hours, except holidays)
Venue: Central Government Procurement Center of Nanning City (808 Finance Room, 8th Floor, No. 59-1 Jinhu Road, Nanning City)
Price: Wu pick up yuan / share (Â¥ 50 yuan / share), not refundable after sale.
Method: If you need to mail the bid, please fax the copy of the wire to the unit name, the detailed address, the postal code, the item number of the purchase bid, the unit contact and the contact number.

V. Deadline for bidding:
Bid Opening Time: June 16, 2009, 09:00:00, Bid Opening Location: Bid Opening Room, 7th Floor, Central Government Procurement Center of Nanning Municipal Government (see the 7th floor electronic display for details)

Sixth, the purchaser's address: Nanning procurement agency account name: Nanning Municipal Government Centralized Purchasing Center Purchasing Agency Bank: China Construction Bank Nanning Jiabin Road Sub-branch Purchasing Agency Bank Account Company Name: Nanning Municipal Government Central Purchasing Center Contact : Liu Shiwei Tel: 0771-5503470 E-mail: Fax: Postal Code: Address: 59-1 Jinhu Road, Nanning City

Dual Function Key Switches

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Electrical Key Switch

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Electrical and row piece dual function

Zinc alloy die cast housing and cylinder

Barrel chrome or nickel plated standard

Lock case, white iron cover

4 disc tumbler mechanism

Brass tubular keys or Bilateral bilateral milling copper key, nickel plated

The iron bar has a standard size of 13mm or Row Piece, can be made according to customer requirements.

Key may be withdraws in one or both position aSilver terminals and Contacts.

Dual Function Key Switches

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