Practical for the first - fourth phase LED lighting product design and application technology training course (actual type) successfully held!

The fourth LED lighting training group photo

    On December 19-20, 2009, the fourth training course on LED lighting product design and application technology (actual type) was successfully held in Shenzhen. The lecturers and students from the three sides of the strait gathered together to discuss and explore the future of LED lighting in China. road. The training was sponsored by the China Lighting Society Education and Training Working Committee, China Lighting Network, and Dongguan Shilong Fuhua Electronics Co., Ltd., and more than 60 industry elites participated in the training.

Wang Meng, deputy director of the Education and Training Committee of the China Lighting Society, went to the training site to give guidance and pointed out the requirements of LED lighting products that users would like to use and the direction of LED lighting development. Chen Yumei, general manager of China Lighting Network, proposed to correctly guide the development of China's LED lighting industry so that it can grow healthily and rapidly. At the same time, the China Lighting Society Education and Training Working Committee and China Lighting Network jointly organized such a training class, hoping to do everything for the industry. Can assume the obligations and responsibilities of the society and the media.

Speech by Mr. Wang Meng, Deputy Director of the Education and Training Committee of the China Lighting Society

Ms. Chen Yumei, General Manager of China Lighting Network, delivered a speech

Delegate of the participants: Mr. Lin Junrong, Technical Manager of Dongguan Shilong Fuhua Electronics Co., Ltd.

    As we all know, Taiwan's LED industry has developed earlier and is now maturing, while traditional lighting companies in mainland China are lacking knowledge about LEDs. This training invited many first-line lecturers from Taiwan LED companies to give speeches. For example, Huang Zhihui, director of the Operational Strategy Center of Youshang Electronics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., was evaluated as rich in content and effective in practical application. Wang Xitian, a professor at Guangxi University, is known to be very interactive and innovative in content. Other lecturers such as Guo Shiyi, General Manager of Lighting Division of Taiwan Chuangxian Electronics Co., Ltd., Zheng Haida, Manager of Hong Kong Fuchang Electronic Technology Market, Lin Hongyan, Manager of Guangbao Technology Co., Ltd., and Huang Yiyong, General Manager of Taiwan Fuming Industrial Co., Ltd. They are very good.

On the same day, the training scene was crowded and gathered together. The two-day course was almost full of participation from beginning to end, showing the excitement of the course and the students' thirst for LED knowledge. Among them, Zhou Yang of Xidun Lighting and Yan Jianwei of Anhui Changda Road Facilities Co., Ltd. once again participated in our training class and gave us great support. In addition, Guangzhou Yayao Electric Co., Ltd., Guangdong Jisheng Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Xincheng Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Youyicheng Lighting Technology Co., Ltd., Aihua Huajia Lighting Development Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Sanchen Technology Co., Ltd. The company has actively sent a number of personnel to participate in the training, indicating the direction and actions for the future development of LED lighting.

Training site

    The new year of 2010 is coming, and the technology of LED lighting is constantly innovating. The China Lighting Society Education and Training Working Committee and China Lighting Network will carry out more training on LED lighting. In addition, the lighting designer professional qualification (South China) will soon be able to register on the China Lighting Network, please pay attention to the information on this website.

Attachment: 2010 LED Lighting Technology Improvement and Practical Training Program



Training days


March 2010

The fifth indoor LED lighting training class

3 days

3490 yuan / person

April 2010

The sixth outdoor LED lighting training course

3 days

3490 yuan / person

May 2010

The seventh phase of LED lighting chip class

2 days

2490 yuan / person

June 2010

The eighth phase of LED lighting package class

2 days

2490 yuan / person

7th, 2010

The ninth phase of LED lighting standards, certification courses

2 days

2490 yuan / person

8th, 2010

The tenth LED lighting distribution class

2 days

2490 yuan / person

September 2010

The eleventh period of LED lighting cooling class

2 days

2490 yuan / person

October 2010

The 12th LED lighting drive power class

2 days

2490 yuan / person

November 2010

The thirteenth LED lighting product design, test practice class ★

2 days

9800 yuan / person

December 2010

The 14th LED Lighting New Marketing Training Course

1 day

1490 yuan / person

For details, please visit: http://

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