Micrel's new step-down high-brightness LED driver

Micrel Inc. introduces the MIC3201, a new step-down HB LED driver with high-side current sensing, the first in a family of new HB LED drivers for the MR-16 and other general lighting applications. Therefore, the MIC3201 does not need to be as stringent as the other backlight LED devices. The device's ability to reduce the size, complexity and cost of drive solutions for a wide range of lighting applications further strengthens Micrel's commitment to "The Power To Light TM".

Doyle Slack, Micrel's director of analog power, linear and RF marketing, said the LED driver products provide LED lighting system designers with the performance, flexibility and ease of use they need.

The MIC3201 can drive up to four 1A high-brightness LEDs in series with over 90% efficiency and ±5% output current accuracy from 4.5V to 20V input voltage. With its hysteresis control architecture and high-side current-sense design, the MIC3201 is ideal for providing stable output currents with varying input voltage and output load. The MIC3201's switching frequency can be adjusted up to 1MHz for flexible design. The MIC3201 features a dedicated PWM dimming pin that supports low power shutdown, overtemperature protection, and undervoltage lockout (UVLO). The MIC3201 has an internal power switch that requires no external compensation. The MIC3201 is packaged in an EpadSOIC-8L package that improves power drive performance and reliability.

Micrel is an industry leader in analog, high bandwidth communications and Ethernet integrated circuit (IC) solutions. The MIC3201 is available now in volume, with pricing starting at $1.11 in the 1K class.

Attached: MIC3230/31/32

In June last year, Micrel introduced the MIC3230/31/32, a dedicated driver for general lighting applications for HB LEDs. It can drive 1W, 3W or even more powerful HB LEDs available on the market at the time. The operating voltage input range of this series is 6-45V, 250mW feedback voltage, and can drive 70W output power.

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