Desktop computer, LED large screen display system equipment procurement

Title: Desktop Computer, LED Large Screen Display System Equipment Purchase Tender No.: Dahua Zhengcai [2009] 034 Announcement Date: June 4, 2009 Deadline: June 24, 2009 Tendering Agency: Wuhan Huangpi District Education Bureau, Province, and City: Hubei Province-Wuhan City Content: Dahua Construction Project Management Co., Ltd. was entrusted by Wuhan Huangpi District Education Bureau to “purchase the desktop computer and LED large-screen display system equipment procurement in Huanglong No.1 Middle School in Wuhan” Conduct a public tender. The corresponding qualified supplier is invited to bid.

I. Tender No.: Dahua Zhengcai [2009] 034

Second, the source of funds: financial allocation

Third, the tender content: desktop computer, LED large screen display system equipment

Package one block price: 810,000 yuan

1. Classroom machine (for computer teachers) 4 sets;

2, student machine (for computer teachers) 240 units

3, desktop (office) 35

(Selection of brand: Lenovo, Founder, Tongfang)

Package two block price: 540,000 yuan

1, outdoor three primary color full color screen 20M2

2, outdoor screen sound system 1 set

3. 1 set of outdoor screen infrastructure facilities

4, indoor monochrome screen 29.6M2

5, full color connection machine communication card 1 piece

6, monochrome screen offline communication card 3

7, the electronic screen supporting cable 1 batch

8. Foundation and steel structure

Bidders are only allowed to invest 1 package and cannot invest more (see the third chapter of the bidding documents "Container Requirements and Technical Requirements" for details.

Fourth, the bidding qualification:

Bidder's qualifications or qualifications (qualified bidders must meet the following requirements):

1. It must meet the requirements of Article 22 of the Law of the People's Republic of China on Government Procurement;

2. A manufacturer with independent legal personality or a legal agent with authorization from the manufacturer has the ability to independently bear civil liability; the registered capital must be RMB 1 million or more (including 1 million yuan).

3. If the goods and services provided by the bidder are not produced or owned by the bidder, the company's authorization letter and after-sales service commitment must be issued, and the project only accepts the supplier's authorized supplier to participate in the bid; Or the above bidders use the same manufacturer's authorization, once found, will be treated as invalid.

4. Since 2006, there have been similar product sales performances, and relevant certification materials are required. If false certificates are provided, they will be treated as invalid labels.

5, with strong after-sales service maintenance capabilities, in Wuhan local has a full-time after-sales service organization.

V. Bidding matters:

1. Time for the issuance of bidding documents: from June 4, 2009 to June 23, 2009, from 9:00 to 17:00 (except holidays)

Place of bidding documents for sale: Dahua Construction Project Management Co., Ltd. (Room 304, No. 25, Huaqiao Village, Hankou)

Price of bidding documents: 300 yuan / set; mailing fee: 50 yuan / set.

2. Deadline for submission of bids: before 9:30 am on June 24, 2009 (Beijing time)

Venue: Dahua Construction Project Management Co., Ltd. (4th Floor, Leisure Building, Hanqiao Huaqiao 2nd Village, Wuhan)

3. Proof of registration for bidding: Legal representative's power of attorney and original ID card, business license, tax registration certificate, organization code certificate, authorization of product manufacturer, relevant qualification certificate, similar performance certificate Documents, after-sales service maintenance agency certification; the above information must be accompanied by the original and copy of the official seal. The bidding documents can be purchased only after the prequalification is passed.

4. This project has entered the government procurement process. If there is any doubt, please question the Wuhan Huanghua District Education Bureau and Dahua Construction Project Management Co., Ltd. If the challenge is not satisfactory, within 15 working days after the expiration of the reply, a complaint will be filed with the Government Procurement Management Office of Huangpu District, Wuhan Municipality, at the same level.

V. Contact information:

Purchasing unit: Wuhan Huangpu District Education Bureau

Contact: To the principal

Purchasing Agency: Dahua Construction Project Management Co., Ltd.

Bank of deposit: China Xinhe Houhushe Sanyanqiao Branch

account number

Government Procurement Supervision and Administration Department: Wuhan Huangpi District Finance Bureau Government Procurement Management Office Company Name: Dahua Construction Project Management Co., Ltd. Contact: Chen Huan Tel: 027-82621445 E-mail: Fax: Postal Code: Address: Hankou Flower Room 304, No. 25, Qiaoyi Village

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