German Dresden University of Technology and Novaled collaborate to launch a new white OLED with luminous efficiency of 90 lumens per watt

Subject: Industrial Technology Dresden University of Technology and German company Novaled AG have achieved luminous efficiencies of 90 lm/W on actual luminaires, with a device brightness of 1000 cd/m2 and even up to 124 lm with 3D light extraction systems. W.

White light organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs) are expected to become a new generation of light source technology, and their luminous efficiency may be much higher than that of conventional light sources. Because of their unique functions and attractive appearance, white OLEDs will have a prominent impact on the light industry. These ultra-thin large-area illuminators are flexible, tunable, and transparent, and can even appear in a variety of sizes and shapes, creating a new design space for lighting designers. In terms of luminous efficiency, the threshold for fluorescent tubes for new lighting technology is 50-70 lm/W (reflection loss is also taken into account), but Dresden University of Technology and Novaled AG have worked closely together to develop The latest OLED has clearly broken through this threshold.

Sebastian Reineke, a physicist at the Institute of Applied Photophysics (IAPP, TU Dresden) at Dresden University of Technology, is the leader of the project. He said: "Our approach combines an innovative energy efficient multi-layer design. This breakthrough was achieved with the concept of external coupling to light. Even with planar adjustable external coupling technology, these record-breaking devices can achieve luminous efficiencies of up to 90 lm/W. If a special 3D external coupling method is used It can even reach 124 lm/W.” The above values ​​are measured in the integrating sphere sealed at the edge of the matrix. Only the amount of light diverging to the front hemisphere is calculated. The CIE color coordinate value is (0.41/0.49). A related in-depth article was also published in the famous "Nature" research journal.

Professor Karl Leo, director of IAPP, said: "The potential of these devices is obvious. Even at the extremely high brightness of 5,000 cd/m2, they can achieve a luminous efficiency of 74 lm/W. Therefore, high brightness and high luminous efficiency are May coexist."

Gildas Sorin, CEO of Novaled AG, said: "These results are still in the research and development stage, and more research is needed in the future, such as how to achieve the acceptable product life length for commercial use." Gildas Sorin added: "But the above values ​​are very Clearly showing that this is a major breakthrough, it also allows OLEDs to be on the stage of mainstream lighting applications. Among them, Novaled PIN OLED® technology is a key, especially in terms of the combination of high efficiency and high brightness. White OLEDs will help We reduce carbon emissions, and Novaled's doped tone color technology plays a key role in this direction."

About OLEDs
An OLED (Organic Light-Emitting Diode) is a semiconductor manufactured by using an organic material layer as thin as several nanometers to form a light-emitting source region in a diffused manner to emit light. In this fast-growing display panel market, OLED is an important part of the innovation, making the vision of ultra-high efficiency, rich color and design flexibility into reality. OLED stands for a future filled with many new lighting applications. Organic LEDs take into account both color and appearance, and consumers will be able to use a new way to embellish the environment with “light” while expressing their own style. In addition, OLEDs have the potential to be more energy efficient than power saving bulbs.

About IAPP
The Institute of Applied Photophysics at Dresden University of Technology is a leading research unit in the basic research and applied research of organic semiconductors. In the past few years, the institute has launched a number of innovative organic devices. In addition, it has also established several companies, including Novaled AG, Heliatek GmbH, Creaphys GmbH and sim4tec GmbH.

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