LG developed the world's narrowest 55-inch LCD panel with a border width

[High-tech LED News] South Korea's LG Display has developed a 55-inch LCD panel with a "border width" around the display area as the "world's narrowest". It is mainly used for splicing digital signage using multiple panels.

The border width of the product is 3.4mm on the top and left and 1.9mm on the bottom and right. When arranging multiple development products, the width between the panels is 5.3 mm in both the up and down and left and right directions. The pixel is 1920×1080 and the brightness is 800 cd/m2. It has the function of partially controlling the LED illumination according to the output signal. Compared with the company's 55-inch panel, the power consumption can be reduced by up to 40%.

Outdoor Rental Led Display is waterproof design with IP65 front and IP54 back side, high brightness up to 6500cd/m2. You can disassemble cabinets, modules and power supplies without any tools. Easy to replace any parts, such as module, power supply and receiver. Both Neutrik and Harting power, signal connectors available. Linsn and Novastar control system. Outdoor waterproof SMD 3535 and 2727 LED lamps. High refresh rate and brightness. low power consumption. Safe and stable products.

Pixel pitch from P3.9mm, 4.8mm P5.9mm and P6.2mm. Packed in waterproof flight case for easy transportation. 220-110V power input and DVI,HDMI,SDI,DP signal input.

Curve installation is available.Inner and outer both up to 10°.

Excellent heat dissipation and noiselessness with ultra no fans.

Macromolecular flexible mask with glareless surface and better contrast ratio.

Intelligent LCD monitor for indicating working time and temperature.

Equipped with multifunctional video processor to get better image quality and scale resolution.

Automatic color calibration, larger viewing angle, wider range of audience, to meet the delicate color requirements.

Excellent thermal performance..

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