Speeding down! A day of skinny 2 pounds of detox meal

Detoxification is very important for women. Everyone should understand, but there are always a lot of helplessness for office workers who go out early every night. High-calorie fried foods, air pollution, computer radiation, second-hand smoke, staying up late, etc., will cause toxins to accumulate in your body, leading to problems such as obesity, constipation, and dark complexion. The Golden Week is over, looking at the full

Rotary Switch Food Blenders

Rotary Switch Food Blenders by turning the knob to control blenders. Usually Rotary Switch Food Blenders have 2 or 4 speeds with pulse. And safety lock is optional.

Discription of Rotary Switch Food Blenders

Size: 1.0L,1.25L, 1.5L, 1.6L

Housing: ABS, PP, Stainless steel

Speed: 2 or 4 speeds with pulse

ABS Housing Rotary switch blenders

Rotary Switch Food Blenders

Rotary Switch Food Blenders,Juicer Blender,Baby Food Blender,High Speed Stand Blender

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