Interior designer: professional LED business knowledge is not much

Commercial lighting is part of the commercial space, and for some interior designers who do commercial space design, this is something to understand. So, have these designers used LEDs when they came into contact with commercial space projects? What is the effect? ​​Are there any problems? What suggestions do they have for LEDs? With these questions, we interviewed some interior designers who are doing commercial space design. Listen to their voices.

Xiong Shaohui: I hope that enterprises can do more LED products that are in line with interior design and owners.

Xiong Shaohui, design director of Beijing IN.D Design Office, said that he has contacted many commercial space projects and will also choose many different lighting materials, such as spotlights, downlights and so on. When choosing lighting materials, more will choose some well-known brands, such as NVC. LEDs have been used in commercial space projects that have been used, and are also useful in different situations, such as applications in KTV, clubs, clubs, hotels, shops, etc. Basically, LED lamp strips, LED point light sources, and LED decoration are used. Of course, we are also looking forward to learning more about LED professional technology. We also hope that companies can do some LED products suitable for interior designers and owners.

Xiong Shaohui

Introduction to Xiong Shaohui:

Xiong Shaohui, born in 1979, has a passion for design, is compatible with the Quartet style, and has five professional studies and eight years of experience. Established a personal studio in 2007: [IN.D] Design Office.

Personal motto: I am alive to live.

Personal Honor: The 3rd National Outstanding Young and Middle-aged Interior Architect

Personal work:

"Lightscape/VRay/MaxWell indoor and outdoor renderings performance techniques", "Lightscape commercial renderings performance techniques", "VRay extraordinary vision", "home design data set", "indoor design data collection 300 cases", "environmental art" Textbook (in edit)

Education / Work Experience:

2000-2001 Guangzhou Creative Decoration Engineering Design Co., Ltd. Designer

2001-2002 Chief Designer, Jinan Mingfang Design Office, Jinan, Shandong Province

2003-2005 Chief Designer of Shandong Runtian Century Decoration Engineering Design Co., Ltd.

2006-2007 Beijing I-Fang Environmental Art Design Co., Ltd. Solution Designer

2007-present Design Director, Beijing IN.D Interior Design Office

representative work:

Jinan Nanshan Group Villa, Shandong

Xiajin Jingdu Hotel, Shandong Province

Design of Jinan Sunshine Visa Model Room in Shandong Province

Shandong Liaocheng Labor and Employment Security Center

Shandong Dezhou Huaxia New City Phase II Model Room

Xiajin County Electric Power Dispatching Center, Shandong Province

Beijing Shunyi Shun Tailai Club

Guangdong Jiangmen Golden Sun Club

Beijing Shangyishu KTV

Beijing Mo Li Sheng Club

Sun Xiao: I hope that enterprises can provide some professional LED basic knowledge.

Sun Li, a decorative designer of Jilin Lily: We usually have more projects in contact with home villas, commercial spaces, hotels, etc., and more LEDs are used in home and villa projects, which are generally used in ceilings, walls and the like. There are also LED downlights and spotlights for key lighting, and the use of LEDs is also a special requirement of the owners. But in the design of commercial space, I have not used LEDs, generally some traditional lighting products, because I don't know LEDs, I dare not use them. In fact, I don't know much about LEDs. I basically stay in the concept of energy saving and environmental protection, and I usually report on advertising and listening to TV. However, I also want to have an in-depth understanding of LEDs. If there are some trainings and courses in this area, I will be willing to listen.

Sun Xiao

Sun Xiao Aladdin blog:

Pan Hong Kong: LED energy saving, environmental protection, low carbon, is good!

Shell Hong Kong Design Director Pan Hong: I am mainly engaged in commercial space design, such as KTV, bars, nightclubs, exhibition space, clubs, hotels and so on. In commercial space, I usually use crystal lamps, wall lamps, table lamps, spotlights and LEDs. Some special environments and occasions require special custom lighting, we will find some manufacturers in Guangdong to customize, basically meet the design requirements, the quality is not bad. The use of LEDs is basically the use of light bars, such as to be embedded in the light trough, and some crystal lamps, high-altitude LED spotlights, etc., these effects are good, and it is energy-saving, environmentally friendly, low-carbon, non-heating, not easy Bad, it is also easy to be accepted by the owners.

Pan Hong Kong

Pan Hong Kong Aladdin blog:

Through interviews with some interior designers, they have used LEDs when they are in contact with commercial space design, but they are basically used for decoration and embellishment. As general lighting and other applications are rare, interior designers are LEDs. Not much understanding may be a constraint, not that they don't want to understand, but more is the company should consider more ways and means when guiding and publicizing interior designers? Or the needs of the company's own products. More improvement? These are worthy of thinking by LED companies.

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