LED street lamp retrofit application EMC mode experience and improvement measures

In the application of EMC model of LED streetlight transformation demonstration project, we have accumulated a lot of lessons, and there are also many shortcomings, such as low application rate, application cases are relatively concentrated on large-scale transformation projects, and application areas are mainly concentrated in developed cities and Areas, complicated operation procedures, etc.

In order to accelerate the application and promotion of semiconductor lighting products, increase the application scope of the EMC model, and promote the development of energy conservation and emission reduction, we still need to make greater efforts:

1. Policy support: The revitalization and development of the industry and the promotion and application of products cannot be separated from the support of government policies. The government should introduce more favorable policies to encourage and support the development of semiconductor lighting industry and product applications, such as financial subsidies for LED lighting products, credit interest rate incentives for financial institutions to participate in EMC mode operations, and technological innovation support policies for semiconductor industries.

2. Strengthen product promotion and improve customer product awareness: Due to the emerging nature of semiconductor products, customers (governments) are not very aware of products, especially the current high price of semiconductor lighting products, and the acceptance of customers (governments). Lower, this is also the main factor restricting the market for semiconductor lighting products, especially high-power LED street lamps and other outdoor lighting products. Therefore, increase the promotion of semiconductor lighting industry and products, improve customer product awareness, and enhance customer awareness of semiconductor lighting products with high luminous efficiency, long life, environmental protection and the application of semiconductor products to promote energy conservation and emission reduction. The understanding is very urgent and necessary.

3. Standard setting: As semiconductor lighting is an emerging industry, various standards are seriously lacking, resulting in various products in the market, such as mixed products and fierce competition, which hinders the sound development of the semiconductor lighting industry. Governments, industries, institutions, and enterprises must actively lead and participate in various technical standards for semiconductor lighting, regulate the market, and improve product quality and credibility.

4. Enterprise technology innovation: Enterprises should actively improve their internal strength, strengthen their technological innovation, effectively reduce product costs and improve product quality. Cost is a key factor hindering the promotion of semiconductor lighting products. Only when the cost of products is reduced can there be a more flexible business operation model and a broader market.

5. Win-win cooperation: Enterprises should actively communicate with various financial institutions and EMC companies, enhance the understanding of enterprises and products, and innovate models, establish mutual trust and cooperation, and carry out in-depth cooperation and broaden for different types of projects. The scope of business cooperation. (From "Semiconductor Lighting" magazine, 2010, Issue 4, edited by maysoong)

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