LED lighting applications quietly force traditional lighting to accelerate layout LED

Led Lighting applications are quietly working. Despite the slow growth of traditional products due to weak export demand, led lighting is relying on its ever-increasing price/performance ratio to open up more and more application markets.

In 2012, domestic LED lighting achieved a high growth. Among them, indoor LED lighting is expected to reach 33.7 billion yuan (2011: 18.6 billion), and the outdoor market will grow 57% to 8 billion yuan. Most companies are growing at a slower rate than industry growth because there are more participants. In 2013, we believe that traditional lighting companies are accelerating LED layout, and with policy promotion, LED lighting will continue to grow at a high rate. It is expected that the domestic indoor and outdoor LED lighting market will grow by 59% and 45% respectively.

The growth rate of the backlight market in 2012 exceeded the estimate at the beginning of the year and is expected to exceed 20%. The 8.5-generation capacity climb of BOE and Huaxing Optoelectronics is a good expansion opportunity for domestic manufacturers, so many companies have gained rapid growth opportunities. In 2013, the backlight market as a whole is in a saturated stage. However, because the industry has signs of moving to China, there are still advantages that companies are expected to gain rapid growth opportunities.

Relatively excess capacity, the profitability of the middle and upper reaches has shown a downward trend. The chip has driven the continuous decline in product prices throughout the year, and the gross profit margin of chips and packages has continued to decline, while applications have been relatively stable. New LED investment has begun to shift to downstream applications, especially in the lighting sector, where chip investments have shrunk dramatically.

Technical barriers are reduced and the industry will focus on leading manufacturers with experience and supply capabilities. The technology and scale of the chip field can not be lacking. The competitiveness of Sanan Optoelectronics is relatively stable. Dehao Runda is making breakthroughs. The barriers to entry in the packaging field are the lowest. Ruifeng Optoelectronics and Hongli Optoelectronics have comparative advantages. In the application field, most professional LEDs The lighting company's first-mover advantage is not stable.

The most important phenomenon is the accelerated layout of LEDs in traditional lighting companies. Among them, the layout of Sunlight, Feile and Sanxiong is relatively early, and the effect is beginning to manifest, while NVC Lighting and Foshan Lighting have also increased the development of LED lighting products. Whether it is an international or domestic lighting company will release OEM orders, which is a major opportunity for the supporting midstream and downstream industries. The mainland's dominant manufacturers have a chance to achieve rapid growth because of their cost advantages.

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