Sharp released 6-inch 498ppi LCD panel resolution

Sharp released 6-inch 498ppi LCD panel resolution For Sharp's recent challenges, Sharp pinned its hopes on its IGZO TFT technology. This new technology can achieve high screen accuracy and touch accuracy more cheaply and better, while also reducing power consumption, and giving mobile phone manufacturers a chance to find it. New highlights.

According to reports, Sharp recently exhibited a 6.1-inch IGZO TFT liquid crystal display in Japan with a resolution of up to 2560×1600. The pixel value was nearly twice as fast as 1080p and reached the standard of 4K ultra-clear, and the pixel density also reached 498ppi. Compared to the previous 441PPI with Find5 and HTC DNA 5 inch screens even higher.

According to Xiao Bian, Sharp has applied the Indium Gallium Oxide (IGZO) active layer technology. Compared to the conventional amorphous silicon liquid crystal screen, the thin film transistor TFT can be made smaller, and the current flowing ability is also the traditional amorphous silicon. The speed of 20 to 50 times, so you can achieve high-precision LCD screen. The rumored next year Apple iPhone 5S will introduce this technology.

At present, Sharp has begun to roll out the production of IGZO panels, and also collaborates with Qualcomm in this area. In the future, there will be quite a lot of mobile phones and tablet computers using this panel. At the same time, Sharp has announced that it will carry this panel in domestic mobile phones sold in China. The high-end models will be produced by Sharp and the middle and low-end models will be Foxconn OEMs.

In summary, Xiao Bian thinks that this hope placed by Sharp will hopefully reshape its position as the king of the panel. The LCD panel will be the mainstream of the future.

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