Tang Haojun: From "multi-brand" to "fine brand"

[Source: Gaogong LED's "LED Lighting Channel" magazine February issue Zhou Jianhua] The lighting industry has long been a brand-free, unbranded, unbranded enterprise, brand competition is in the stage of extensive, homogenized and low-efficiency. If the corporate brand is not established, it will not be able to form a brand effect and enjoy the brand premium, and can only collectively fall into the price war cycle.

At present, the lighting brands that consumers are familiar with are few and far between, and the hot LEDs are no exception. How to develop “well-known brands in the industry” into “popular well-known brands”, how to develop “big but not strong brands” into “well-known brands”, how to develop “multi-brands” into “fine brands”, these are all The problem in front of traditional lighting transformation LED companies.

Many companies implement multi-brand strategies. In the operation process, sales and markets between multiple brands are completely separate, but R&D production and organization management are resource sharing, which enables enterprise resources to be fully utilized.

Use different positioning products to fight for a bigger market, and subdivide the market cake of the lighting industry to increase the market share. This not only expands the industry's influence, but also maximizes the company's interests.

However, do multi-brand strategies have any drawbacks? Although multiple brands of a company can effectively occupy market share, but because many brands are difficult to remember more consumers, often the same corporate brand is mistaken for another A company name. Coupled with the current market counterfeiting and cottage phenomenon, the company's awareness of rights protection is very weak and other factors, multi-brand strategy will bring greater risks to enterprises.

Darwin reveals the laws of biological growth in The Origin of Species: one is evolution, the land of growth of old creatures; the other is differentiation, a paradise for the growth of new creatures.

Lighting companies to build brands and maintain the development of the brand naturally follow the laws of biological growth. For the original brand, as long as you constantly evolve yourself, you can maintain the brand's leading position; and for the newly established brand, it is necessary to grasp the trend of differentiation - to open a new category.

In terms of its practical and successful mass brand, China's home appliances, IT, fast moving consumer goods, automobiles and other industries have established many well-known and widely trusted mass brands because of their early development and full competition. For example, computers have Lenovo and home appliances. Haier, air-conditioning has Gree, IT communication has Huawei, and its main brand is a single specialization.

At present, the first- and second-tier brands in the lighting industry, such as Philips, Osram, GE and other international giants cover almost all categories of lighting, while in China only NVC (commercial lighting brands, the focus is on engineering and commercial lighting), Op ( The home lighting category brand, the advantage focuses on the terminal network), Zhejiang Sunshine (energy-saving light source category brand, the advantage focuses on the scale industry chain) and other representative brands.

(Source of this article: Tang Haojun, General Manager of Heshan Mingda Industrial Co., Ltd.)

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