Dehao Runda released its 2012 annual report net profit decreased by 59% year-on-year

Dehao Runda released its 2012 annual report. The company achieved operating income of 2.76 billion yuan, down 10.04% from the previous year, operating profit -243.291 million yuan, down 116.69% from the previous year, and net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies fell to 162 million. Yuan, down 58.71% from the previous year.

Dehao Runda said that in 2012, the company's main business has not changed, and it is still the pattern of small household appliances business and LED dual main business. In 2012, the LED industry continued to be sluggish, and the market prices of chip and package products declined significantly. The main target markets for small household appliances business continued to be sluggish in developed economies such as Europe and the United States. Demand was not strong and market competition was more intense.

According to Dehao Runda, the uncertain risk factors facing the company in 2013 include:

1. The risk of declining demand for the industry's business climate caused by uncertainties in the macroeconomic environment. The economic recovery process in developed economies is full of uncertainty, and the slowdown in domestic economic growth will affect the popularity of LED lighting products and the demand for small household electrical appliances.

2. Risk of excessive market competition. The LED industry has invested heavily in recent years, and its capacity expansion is too fast, which may lead to fierce market competition.

3. Capital risk. In recent years, Dehao Runda has invested in several LED industry bases and acquired the equity of NVC Lighting. The capital requirements are huge.

4. Manage risk. The main business of Dehao Runda involves two major industries, namely small household appliances and LED. It is located in the middle and lower reaches of the LED industry chain. There are seven business divisions and more than 30 subsidiaries, and the management difficulty is gradually increasing.

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