Daweida Holdings Fuwei launches tablet reference design based on Jingchen Semiconductor M801

21ic News Great Alliance Holdings announced that its Fuwei launched a tablet reference design based on Amtronic's M801.

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The reference design of this quad-core processor launched by the United Nations General Holdings Fuwei is to provide high cost performance for this new generation of products through the integration of high-definition multimedia decoding technology, CPU, GPU, low-power system design and intelligent operating system. solution.

Its main features include:

l Ultra high performance, ultra low power consumption;

l Powerful multimedia processing performance;

l HD decoding of all major formats;

l Ultra-high chip integration;

l rich peripheral interfaces;

l Provide a mature turnkey solution;

l The full range of chips is certified by Google GMS;

l Complete IP reserves, including Dolby, DTS, SRS, etc.;

l Support global digital TV.

Graphic - Crystal Morning Semiconductor Tablet Reference Design Bill of Materials

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