Intel CEO: Let athletes design wearable sports equipment

On May 18th, Intel CEO Brian Krzanich took part in Silicon Valley's annual "Maker Faire" on Saturday, and Kecchi hopes to encourage this opportunity. Many amateur inventors have invested in the innovation boom of wearable devices.

As smartphone sales grows more slowly, high-tech companies, including Intel, believe that wearable computing devices such as smart watches, fitness trackers and Google (microblogging) glasses are likely to become the future of personal computing products. A major trend, although there is still no clear market positioning.

However, the smart watches and smart fitness wristbands launched by companies such as Samsung Electronics in the past few years have not actually triggered the so-called consumption boom.

In the "Makeup Festival" held in the San Mateo region of California, Ke Zaiqi accepted an interview with Reuters. "Successful smart wearable computing devices will come from focusing on In the hands of the individual inventors you need. When you know exactly what you are trying to solve, you can create a perfect wearable device. And, I don’t think you can create a perfect fit for everyone. Wearables. For example, no one is better suited to designing the next generation of wearable sports equipment than athletes."

It is reported that thousands of people participated in the "Valentine's Day" in Silicon Valley this year. With this platform, “Makers” will have the opportunity to interact with each other and view other people's projects. In this year's "Maker's Day", the most popular items are drones, voice-activated robots and a "steel octopus" product that can fire bullets from tentacles.

It is worth mentioning that Ke Qiqi himself is actually an amateur inventor. He has just completed the restoration of a 1974 Toyota Land Cruiser.

Moreover, in addition to Intel, some other high-tech companies also hope that such "makers" movement can bring inspiration to the next generation of products, but the former has been the most motivated so far. Intel, ARM, Atmel and other chip makers have opened their own booths at this year's "Maker Festival" and hope that participants will be able to easily see their latest developments.

"These are future engineers and scientists. They may start the next company that can bring great products to the world, and they may become the next Google and Apple, and we hope they understand Intel's technology." Odd said.

It is reported that Intel has held a competition to encourage people to make ideas for making wearable devices with Intel technology, and the total prize money of the game is as high as 1 million US dollars.

In all fairness, even though Intel has finally become a major supplier of wearable and mobile device chips, we are still unclear whether this business can compensate for the loss caused by the slowdown in the PC industry. In addition, although Intel has successfully dominated the PC chip field for nearly 40 years, the company is still far behind Qualcomm in the field of smart phone chips. However, having Intel chips widely adopted in a series of new markets has always been the main goal of Ke Zaiqi, and this time entering the field of wearable devices is an important part of achieving this goal.

It is worth mentioning that Intel launched the "Intel Galileo Board" last year, which is the first product to use the Intel architecture Arduino compatible development board series, and is mainly for creators and educators. At present, "Intel Galileo Board" has been widely used by "Maker" in experimental projects including robots and electronic cocktail mixers.

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