Feile sound plans to purchase 1.85 billion yuan Shenan Group accelerates the layout of LED lighting

On May 21, Feile Audio (600651) released a restructuring plan. The company intends to acquire 100% equity of Beijing Shenan Investment Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Beijing Shenan Group) by issuing shares and cash contribution. At the same time, raise matching funds. The company's stock resumed trading on May 21.

According to the plan, the estimated value of 100% equity of Beijing Shenan Group is 1.85 billion yuan. This figure is 379.79% higher than the net asset value of 386 million yuan. Feile Audio acquired 72.25% equity of Beijing Shenan Group jointly held by Shenan by way of issuing shares, and acquired 12.75% of the shares held by Shenan and RMB 15% of Beijing Shenan Group held by Zhuang Shenan in cash. At 6.84 yuan / share, the number of issued is about 195 million shares.

In addition, Feile Audio will also issue shares to Yidian Electronics Group and Xinlian Investment at a price of 6.84 yuan/share, raising matching funds of no more than 617 million yuan, and the total number of issuance is about 90,155,900 shares. The Electronics Group issued 8,885,900 shares and issued 1.3 million shares to Core Alliance.

According to the data, Beijing Shenan Group is a high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, production and sales of high-brightness LED lighting products, outdoor lighting, landscape lighting, interior lighting design and project contracting. It mainly provides outdoor lighting and landscape for customers. Lighting, indoor lighting three types of LED lighting solutions.

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