Jiangsu Shifu Lighting won the honor of "China Quality Miles"

Recently, the three-cavity LED street light series patented products developed by Jiangsu Shifu Lighting passed the certification of Jiangsu Science and Technology Department and was recognized as a high-tech product in Jiangsu Province. In this honor, the authoritative media "China Quality Miles" made a special report.

"China Quality Miles" is called "Quality Guardian" in the industry. With a high sense of mission and responsibility, it adheres to the principle of "fake and support the two wings, promote the two wings", and guide the consumption and cultivate famous brands in the city. A lot of work has been done in the supervision of news and public opinion, which has been highly valued by the relevant state departments and warmly welcomed by consumers. Choosing a product with good quality and high reputation, and tracking quality and reputation is one of the important measures for the institution to help the poor. It is reported that "Stuart" is the first company in China's lighting industry to obtain "China Quality Miles" quality credit protection tracking products. "Stuart" joined hands with "China Quality Miles" and took the initiative to accept the supervision of the news media, showing the first-class and excellent quality and quality of the products.

"Leading China's LED lighting and promoting the global green revolution" is the unspeakable green lighting of Shifu. Its products not only passed the IS09001 international quality system certification, IS014001 international environmental system certification, but also all products passed the country. Mandatory 3C certification, the company's export products are also all certified by the Hong Kong Electrical and Mechanical Services Department of the certification mutual recognition group HK certification, EU CE safety certification and TUV certification, VDE certification, the United States UL certification.

Shi Jie, president of Shifu, said in an interview that “Stuart” has the courage to undertake the glorious mission given by history and to be the leader of LED lighting, all of which must be guaranteed by high-quality products. "Quality Miles Quality Credit Guarantee Tracking Products" is not only the recognition of Shi Ford quality by the society, but also the strict requirements of Shi Ford on the quality of its products.

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