LG and Samsung storm 3D LED TV

South Korean TV giants Lejin Electronics and Samsung Electronics are optimistic about the prospects of 3D LED flat-panel TVs, and will launch 3D LED TVs at CES, and increase the sales target of LED TVs to consolidate their market position.

3D and LED are expected to become the two major focuses of the TV industry in 2010. Many exhibitors hope that the new functions will drive TV sales as the market slows down. Samsung Electronics said that the launch of LED TVs that broadcast 3D stereo images is to echo this trend, "is a stone two birds."

Samsung Electronics has set its sales target for LED TVs in 2010 at 10 million units, four times the sales in 2009. Lejin Electronics, the world's second-largest LCD TV manufacturer, is not outdone, and plans to sell 7 million LED TVs in 2010. LG Electronics will also launch a 3D video LED TV and a new borderless TV at CES. LG Electronics announced last month that it will become the world's largest 3D TV manufacturer in 2011, and its total sales volume will increase from 400,000 units in 2009 to 3.4 million units in 2010.

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