Xiao Guowei: Investment Opportunities and Risks of LED Epitaxial Chips

On December 19th, the 2009 LED Industry Investment and Market Strategy Forum was successfully concluded in Shenzhen Golden Central Hotel. The forum was hosted by the well-known domestic industry research, media organization Gaogong LED and National High-tech Enterprise Development LED Professional Committee. This forum invites Chen Yingchun, deputy mayor of Shenzhen, and Gao Lin, deputy director of LED project of Shenzhen Science, Industry and Trade Committee, and many LED industry experts, including Xiao Kewei, managing director of Jingke Electronics, Li Mantie, general manager of Lehman Optoelectronics, CTI Nie Pengxiang, vice president of China Testing and Testing Institute, Gu Yongde, chairman of Maoshuo Power, and Xiong Yingxiang, general manager of Deshida Optoelectronics. At the same time, many investors and institutional leaders attended and delivered speeches.

The topics of this forum are mainly focused on LED investment opportunities and risks, market development and how to finance. The content includes all aspects of the LED market and investment. Such as the traditional lighting to fight semiconductor lighting, the analysis of the success or failure of the company's listing report, the current status and strategy of the global LED market, order-for-investment: the fog of the lost LED industry.

LED investment opportunities and risks are one of the key points of the conference. Xiao Guowei, managing director of industry leader Microcrystalline Advanced Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd., believes that the LED industry is a typical high-tech industry with high-tech, large capital and high-end talent-intensive The characteristics will gradually become one of the high-tech industries that reflect the comprehensive scientific and technological strength of a country and region. At present, the core enterprises are controlled by the upper and middle reaches enterprises and determine the development of the industry and the market. He also stressed that while achieving vertical integration of its own industry, LED also achieved industrial leap and achieved rapid development through cross-industry integration with LCD, traditional lighting, integrated circuits and other industries. He believes that there is no independent team and technology, and that the market cannot exchange foreign high-tech.

Xiao Guowei, Managing Director of Microcrystalline Advanced Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.

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