Zhen Mingli plans to raise NT$2 billion to expand LED upstream capacity

Topic: Industry Yesterday (2), Fu Ming Securities hosted a real media meeting, which was the first time to explain the performance and operational prospects. Lighting faucet Zhen Mingli returned to Taiwan to issue Taiwan depositary receipts, plans to raise NT$2 billion, mainly as an investment in LED upstream investment, expanding the upstream chip production capacity. It is expected to be listed on December 22, the inquiry period is December 9-14, and the subscription period is December 10-14.

Chen Enguang, senior vice president of Fubon Jinqijin Business Group, said that compared with other lighting industry, Zhen Mingli has high economic production scale, patent barrier, and its high vertical integration, including LED upstream epitaxy, midstream lead frame, and package. The downstream plastic injections are all self-made by the Group, so they enjoy the cost competitive advantage; and for the highly customized decorative lights and stage lighting products, the application market of decorative lights, stage lights and lighting, which are deeply cultivated downstream of Zhen Mingli, will be provided. The best estuary of its epitaxial products. In the LED lighting industry layout, Chen Enguang pointed out that the current Zhen Mingli LED home lighting series products have successfully entered one of the world's largest retailers (Home Depot). At present, LED accounts for less than 1% of the general lighting market penetration, but it has accounted for 23% of all LED applications, indicating that its output value and future market growth potential is amazing. It is estimated that the global lighting market will reach 135 billion US dollars by 2011. Mingli has taken the lead in the downstream application market. Under the trend of LED lighting gradually replacing incandescent lighting, Zhen Mingli will be the main beneficiary. In terms of street light business opportunities, mainland China is one of the most active countries adopting LED street lamps. In recent years, it has continued to promote many LED street lamp promotion plans and subsidy programs. The Heshan Municipal Government of Guangdong Province has issued a letter of agreement, agreeing that Zhenmingli Group will implement the Wanhao LED streetlight renovation project in Heshan City. It is expected that the market demand for the participation of the 10 cities in the next ten years will be about 2.5 million baht. Zhenmingli Group has won 10,000 and 20,000 LED streetlight projects in Heshan City and Jiangmen City respectively.

Chen Enguang said that in August, China Environmental Fund invested 30 million US dollars to become a real Mingli, becoming the largest institutional investor in the company's 11.27% shareholding. It is optimistic about the future development of Zhen Mingli's LED market in China and lead other environmental protection and energy conservation funds. Judging from the layout of the overall LED industry chain and the leading decorative lighting and lighting market downstream, Chen Enguang emphasized that Zhen Mingli has achieved a pre-emptive strategic position. In the future, it will cut into the LED backlight market supply chain by strategic alliance and expand the application of downstream products. .

Fan Minghong, chairman of Zhen Mingli, said that Ming Mingli had seen the business opportunities of LEDs very early. It integrated into the upstream market nearly 10 years ago and entered the LED packaging. At present, LED lighting, lighting and other related products account for 70% of the revenue of Zhen Mingli. In order to further reduce costs, Zhen Mingli has stepped up to LED epitaxial. There are 5 MOCVD machines. From June next year, the first 10 machines will be put into operation. LED Lei chip monthly production capacity will double from the current 12,000 to 36,000, and enjoy watching the growth momentum of 2010 operations.

Fan Banghong pointed out that the advantage of Zhen Mingli lies in the vertical integration of production base and scale from upstream to downstream. Under the lighting business, it can replicate 30 years of successful experience to the LED industry chain layout, especially at low cost. Who can To reduce the price of LED products to a level acceptable to consumers, who is the future.

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