There are huge challenges behind the opportunities for LED lighting in 2010

The continuous development of lighting and lighting, the market opportunities and challenges are very big, China's first batch of national standards for LED lighting was released recently, which will become more and more unexpected in the field of LED lighting. From the data and news given in the industry in the recent period, there will be great opportunities in the future LED lighting market in China, but companies that want to get involved in this market should also realize that there are still many challenges in the field of LED lighting. .

Opportunity is right in front of you

Looking at China's civil lighting alone, there is a market worth about 40 billion yuan. This is the tempting data that Philips Lighting (China) CEO Bi Baijun revealed in an interview with the media. Looking at the lighting companies represented by him, the future of China's lighting market will surely be a land of competition.

Their confidence stems from the attitude of the Chinese government and the strong advantages of LED lighting products themselves.

The energy-saving advantages of LED lighting products indicate its unpredictable future industry leading position: According to the industry, an 11-watt high-quality energy-saving lamp is used as an example to prove the absolute advantage of the product: such an energy-saving lamp in 6000 hours During the lifetime, it will consume 294 kWh less than the 60-watt incandescent lamp with the same effect, saving more than 160 yuan.

In recent years, the Chinese government is pursuing the elimination plan for incandescent lamps with an increasingly determined attitude. Energy-saving lamps including LED lighting are fortunate to receive strong government support. In addition, the construction of large-scale public facilities in China has been launched, increasing the number of LED lighting products.

There are huge challenges behind the opportunity

The huge profit margin of the Chinese market has begun to be quietly locked by domestic and foreign lighting giants. However, there will be high risks involved in this market. The current high cost of LED products has become the key to the R&D investment of enterprises in the advanced industry. Many industry insiders said that 2010 will be an important year to test the capital strength of LED lighting enterprises. Whoever first dominates the commanding heights will have the vast majority of the market.

The direction is wrong, and it is also awkward to go far. At present, many lighting companies in China have invested huge sums of money for the research and development of LED products, but how the road ahead is not clear. It is gratifying that the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology recently announced the first batch of national standards for lighting products, which pointed out the direction for the company's product development. According to industry insiders, in a brand-new field, domestic and foreign lighting companies will start a fierce competition. Whoever wins and loses is still uncertain, and only in the fierce competition in the market to continuously improve themselves.

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