Laser gun shooting game circuit design

As soon as the laser gun is fired, the laser is fired instantly, the alien as the target is hit, the color of the eye changes, and the flash bomb in his hand is used to counterattack.
The laser gun circuit is shown below. A laser diode, a convex lens, a drive circuit, and a battery are incorporated in the toy gun to constitute a laser gun. In order to make the laser only emit for a moment, the monostable multivibrator TC4528 is used. When the level of the input terminal lA changes from "L" to "H", the output terminal lQ instantaneously outputs "H". The length is determined by Rx and Cx. For safety reasons, the output power of the laser is controlled below lmW.
The circuit of the gun target is shown in the figure below. A phototransistor (light target), a light-emitting diode, a battery, etc. are incorporated in the alien toy body. When the phototransistor receives the laser, the input terminal 1A of the multivibrator TC4528 becomes "H", and its output terminals 1Q and 1Q The levels alternate at intervals of a few seconds, causing the red and green LEDs mounted in the eyes of the toy alien to alternately flash; at the same time, the output 1Q is connected to 2A of the other multivibrator, causing the output 2Q level to flip. In a few seconds, the yellow LED that drives the toy alien is illuminated.
It is also possible to add sound chips and speakers. The output of the multivibrator is used, and the laser is emitted with a gun.

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