The United States has developed a new technology that will enable LEDs to be more effectively developed.

OFweek Semiconductor Lighting Network February 11th news: According to foreign reports, LED lighting mainly relies on GaN thin film LEDs. North Carolina State University has discovered a new technology that can reduce defects in thin films by two to three orders of magnitude. This will improve the quality of the luminescent material, so that the same input power can produce twice as much output light energy, which is significant for LEDs with low power input and UV illumination.

Professor Bedair and Professor Nadia El-Masry of North Carolina State University experimented by embedding a half-thickness of a 2 micron thick GaN film into a 2 micron wide, 0.5 micron space gap. In the experimental images, the researchers found that many defects were attracted and trapped in these void spaces. This reduces many defects in the void space. Therefore, they effectively prevent the defects from spreading to the rest of the film after placing some void space in the film.

It is also known that without this void technique, there will be approximately 1010 defects per square centimeter of gallium nitride film. However, after using this technique, the defect per square centimeter will drop to about 107. Professor Bedair said, "Although this technology will add an extra manufacturing step, it will produce higher quality, more efficient LEDs."

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