Rongwen Energy LED Street Light Control Scheme Breaks Through International Technical Barriers

Recently, Rongwen Energy Technology cooperated with foreign companies to develop the IOT network LED light control system, achieving 55% overall energy saving and entering the LonMark International Club.

Seeing that the LED Street Light in front of the 20 meters is still dark, the light will automatically light when people walk to 10 meters. This is a street light scheme suitable for tunnels and people with less road sections. The sensing distance can be adjusted by computer; another street light It is not bright during the daytime, and it will automatically light up when it encounters a simulated thunderstorm. The LED street lights experienced by the reporters in the Rongwen showroom will be completed in Wancheng in mid-May, and the Dongguan citizens can also experience it.

"In fact, the core of the program is to reduce excessive lighting." Rong Wen Energy Technology Marketing Director introduced, Rong Wen and Echelon, France SLV developed this street light control system, the core technology is by multi-level automatic relay function The intelligent service i.LON and intelligent power carrier communication chip can independently detect and control each street lamp, and also serve as a remote management service center data interface.

The intelligent power carrier communication chip embedded in the electronic ballast completes the peer control, detection and measurement, and connects each street lamp to the network through the power supply line. Each intelligent server can control 150 street lights at the same time. The control system also extends smart city management services such as environmental and climate detection and road monitoring applications.

Ouyang Zhixiong, the general manager of Guangzhou Haike Intellectual Property Service Co., Ltd., who has acted as an agent for intellectual property pledges for a group of enterprises, said: "Now the domestic LED industry is facing overcapacity. Many companies have made money without developing chips, but have expanded production. On the rise, I am worried that such a "core" development model is weak."

"We don't want to have a self-developed chip, but the LED light-emitting chip is basically surrounded by technology. The foreign patents are quite mature. Which step will move other people's patent barriers." Rong Wen Energy Technology General Manager Li Zhixiong said that at present, Rongwen relies on integrated technology to not only sell street lamps, but also to sell street lamp control solutions, and to explore a way for local LED companies to break through under technical barriers.

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