Keyboard purchases

Keyboard purchases 1. The tactile sensation of the keyboard As the most frequently touched input device, the touch is undoubtedly the most important. Touch is mainly determined by the strength of the keys. Judging the feel of a section of a keyboard, it will be tested from the following aspects: whether the key spring force is moderate, whether the key force is uniform, whether the keycap is loose or shaking, and whether the key path is suitable. Although different users have different requirements on the elasticity and key range of the keys, a high-quality keyboard should be able to meet the majority of users' habits in these aspects. However, the uniform force of the keys and the firmness of the keycaps are necessary. Guaranteed, otherwise it may cause the card key or make the user feel tired.

2, the appearance of the keyboard appearance, including the color and shape of the keyboard, a beautiful and stylish keyboard will add a lot to your desktop, and an old-fashioned keyboard will make your work more boring. Therefore, for the keyboard, as long as you feel beautiful, like it, and use it.

3. The keyboard of the keyboard has a lower cost, but it does not mean that you can cope with it. The surface and corners of a good keyboard are exquisitely detailed. Letters and symbols on the keycaps are usually laser-engraved, and the hand feels bumpy. When buying, carefully check whether the handwriting printed on the key position is engraved. This type of ink is printed directly on the ink. Because of the handwriting on the keyboard, you will fall off before you use it. The corner of the keyboard should not be sharp. The conventional keyboard has three indicators, CapsLock, NumLock, and ScrollLock.

4, keyboard key layout keyboard key distribution although there are standards, but in this standard, there is still room for various manufacturers. A first-class manufacturer can use his experience to arrange the keyboard keys more thoughtfully, and the small manufacturers can only use the most basic standards, and even make the keyboard with poor key distribution because of poor quality.

5, keyboard noise I believe that all users are very annoying to hit the keyboard noise, especially those who are still working late at night, games, Internet users, so a good keyboard must ensure that only high-speed percussion will only produce Smaller noise does not affect rest.

6, the keyboard's key bit conflict problem In daily life, we more or less play some games, when playing the game, there will be some continuous use of key combinations, then this requires these keyboards have these game keys do not conflict .

7, the length, width and height of the keyboard. (Ready to have a computer desk)

When we buy a keyboard, we measure the length, width and height of a computer keyboard and then purchase it.

Via In Pad PCB
What is Via In Pad? In shortly,via in pad is the via holes are at the SMD pad.The vias are very small,usually under 0.3mm.Why and how? First is there is no enough space to layout,you have to put the vias and holes closer even together.Second it helps thermal management and for high frequency boards,it may help improve signals.
Because the SMD pads are for SMD components loading,so the solder can not flow to inner layer or the other side when assemble.That is the most important for via in pad board.
How PCB manufacturers like us to do via in pad board? We will fill all vias with non-conductive epoxy and plate copper over it ,so the vias are flat same as others. Many PCB factories are unable to do such capability.
The key technology is how we fill vias and guarantee there is no any solder (surface finishing) in the holes.
Filled via in pad is a way to achieve intermediate density with an intermediate cost compared to using blind/buried vias. Some of the key advantages associated with using the via in pad technology are:
.Fan out fine pitch (less than .75mm) BGAs
.Meets closely packed placement requirements
.Better thermal management
.Overcomes high speed design issues and constraints i.e. low inductance
.No via plugging is required at component locations
.Provides a flat, coplanar surface for component attachment
Via in big pads are not a big problem.but for BGA,that is technology.As BGA pads are very small,10mil or 12mil,and there is no enough space.Manufacturing is not easy as other boards.

Via In Pad PCB

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