Shenzhen New Airport to Enable LED Outdoor Screen

Shenzhen New Airport to Enable LED Outdoor Screen Recently, the reporter learned from Shenzhen Xingfang Semiconductor Lighting Co., Ltd. Marketing Director Wu Xingqiang learned that from December 1, Long Fang lighting new LED large outdoor advertising landing Shenzhen T3 terminal, nearly 300 square meters of large-scale color LED High-definition full-color display, large in area and wide in radiation, is the only double-sided LED media in the T3 terminal building, and it occupies the necessary path to the airport. The flow of people and vehicles is as high as 2.75 million times per week, which enables it to focus on the high-end market.

It is reported that Longfang Lighting, a large listed company specializing in LED lighting, started its brand strategy cooperation with Guangdong Advertising Co., Ltd. in July of this year. It has completed the adjustment and optimization of the internal structural mechanism by December, and has begun to gradually exert force at this stage. With a series of fists, through a variety of measures, the company increased its brand communication efforts and fully promoted brand upgrades.

Shenzhen New Airport LED outdoor large screen to enable long-range lighting preemptively settled in Shenzhen New Airport LED outdoor large screen to enable rectangular lighting to first settled in view of the current lighting industry, LED products, market prices vary, uneven quality, mixed channels, many factors are Inspecting the market power of manufacturers. From the consumer's point of view, the LED market is increasingly in demand, and the development needs to be followed. Whether the market will face a new round of reshuffling is an issue that all major manufacturers urgently need to consider.

The measures taken by rectangular LED lighting to launch airport advertising, from a microscopic point of view, can effectively increase consumer awareness, strongly support its brand upgrade strategy, and lay a certain market foundation for sustainable brand development. From a macro point of view, this measure can play a benign role in the lighting market as a demonstration of the industry, promote consumer attention LED products, and further activate the consumer market demand. In order to promote environmental protection, green, energy-saving high-quality LED lighting products into millions of households, to assume a corporate citizen should do its social responsibility, to achieve the economic benefits of enterprises and social development benefits of the double harvest.

The rectangular lighting shows that putting outdoor advertising at the airport is the first step in its brand communication. With the further promotion of the brand upgrade strategy, the company will always pay attention to the market dynamics, cover the consumer market in an all-round and three-dimensional manner, and finally let the brand image of the rectangular LED lighting enter the hearts of the people, so that high-quality LED lighting products into millions of households .

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