LED smart lighting quality is uneven

LED smart lighting quality is uneven

With the rapid development of China's economy, especially the continuous warming of the real estate industry, the lighting industry with which it is supporting the rapid development. With the introduction of LED lighting, the smart lighting industry has ushered in rapid development, and various types of products have emerged on the market. Smart switches, lamps, etc. However, the recent visit found that different brands of LED lighting prices vary widely, and because there is no relevant standards, the uneven quality of the product also allows consumers to buy up and look like flowers.

Traditional lighting One-touch and one-light switching methods are too old machinery. When the owner enters or leaves the room, he must remember the switch. When he is inattentive, he forgets to turn off the light and wastes energy. In particular, there is an urgent need to go out and it is very easy to forget to turn off the lights. If you need to adjust the light, you need to bend over and debug slowly, which is very troublesome. Moreover, the current people's houses are spacious and there are many rooms. If there is no remote control function, the switch lights are really inconvenient.

However, smart lighting can intelligently set up all the lamps in the home, such as chandeliers, hanging lights, and wall lights, to achieve scientific and rational use, so as to achieve maximum convenience and energy-saving effects. For example, it can be set through scenes, and visitors can come back. Home, dinner, away from home, sleep and other modes, according to the actual needs and lifestyle habits to adjust the use of people to meet the needs of a variety of life scenarios, enrich the environmental effects, the owner has become more worry and save.

Intelligent lighting not only enriches life, but also maximizes energy conservation. Not only does it make people brighter and lighter, but people can also use the natural lighting angle in the process to make the lights in dark areas brighter and brighter. The lights are weak so that the overall balance can be achieved. The data shows that the use of intelligent lighting systems can save ordinary households from 20% to 40% more than the original electricity bill. For many families, it is undoubtedly an attractive temptation.

But need to recognize that, LED is a new industry, the rapid development in recent years, there is a lack of uniform standards, leading to a mess in the LED terminal market, products are mixed, businesses are LED products are foggy.

A few days ago, he visited major lighting fixtures and building materials markets in Haicheng and learned that many merchants' knowledge of LED products has remained at the product price, appearance and packaging, and the core things of LED products such as quality, technology, and life span are simply unknown.

Visiting Lamps City learned that most businesses have sold LED lighting as the main product. However, the prices of different brands of LED lamps vary greatly, with 9-watt LED spotlights as an example. Prices range from 20 yuan to more than 200 yuan. In terms of service life, many businesses have claimed that the life of LED bulbs can reach 20,000 to 30,000 hours, and the life span of the family is 8 to 10 years. However, it is noted that in fact, the shelf life of most LED lighting packages is only up to 2 years.

During the visit, they asked several sales staff to sell LED lights, but they introduced the exact opposite. "Generally better LED lights shine very brightly and penetratingly." A salesperson gave this introduction. Generally, good LED lights should be 50 yuan or more. Another staff member told me that good LED lighting is bright, but its advantage is that it is very energy-efficient, and it also has a protective effect on people's eyesight. Compared to conventional lighting, LED lighting is softer and darker. The more expensive one is. From this point of view, some employees who sell LED lighting have different opinions on their products and do not know much about it.

According to industry sources, there are no national standards for LED at present, and all companies produce according to their own standards. The supervision of the Bureau of Quality Supervision of the LED industry is based on conventional application criteria, but it does not provide a basis for judging which is better and which is worse, but the energy saving effect of LED is obvious. If it is used as a decorative light, LED can save 60% energy than an energy-saving lamp. %, 40% to 50% energy saving in lighting situations. However, the LED light decay (brightness attenuation) is also obvious. At present, there are mainly three problems in domestic LED home lighting. First, the use of aluminum radiators, if not closely attached with the LED chip, directly affect the service life; Second, the brightness adjustment requires a controller, the quality of the controller itself is uneven; three is the driving power As a core technology, only a few companies are willing to increase their research investment in this core technology.

Related parties suggested that when consumers choose LED smart lighting, they should pay more attention to product packaging, price comparison, and demonstration effects. See if there are product trademarks and certification marks, 3C certification, CE certification, etc., in addition to see if clearly marked the product's rated voltage, voltage range, color temperature, precautions, safety instructions, applicable environment, etc.; due to special LED lighting production process Process, the cost is relatively high, the general domestic LED lamp prices are more than forty or fifty yuan, the import is higher; careful observation of lamp color changes, if in a short time, from yellow to white, or by White light becomes white with blue light, and such products should be abandoned. Because it is likely to be a power problem or light source selection mistake. In addition, the color of the light should be consistent and not flash. After the LED lamp is turned on, it can be detected through the contact surface temperature of the product. If the temperature of the product surface continues to rise in one hour, instead of being stable for the longest time in 30 minutes, do not choose this product because heat dissipation is not It will lead to shortened product life.

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