What issues need to be paid attention to when building a small-sized home theater?

Many friends think of home theater, and they think of the words high-end, atmosphere, and grade. The theater equipment must be high-end and high-grade, and the space must be atmospheric. In fact, small-sized home theaters do not have a twist, the small-sized home theater is simple and practical, which is not comparable to large-scale home theater. So, what issues do we need to pay attention to when building a small-sized home theater?

Small family home theater

1. How can a small-sized home theater achieve beautiful and practical effects at the same time?

Inevitably, since it is a small-sized home theater, the size of the house determines a lot of things in certain procedures. Ordinary projectors are limited by space, not only occupying a certain space, but also failing to reach the required width and height of the projected picture. So, how does the projector achieve both aesthetic and practical effects?

For small-sized home theaters, Xiao Bian suggests that you buy some projectors that are small in size and convenient to store and have short-focus lenses. In this case, the contradiction mentioned above can be well solved.

In addition, in the small-sized home theater, in order to achieve beautiful and practical effects at the same time, it is also necessary to pay attention to the installation problem of the projection screen. Liao Kai suggested that everyone hide the projection screen in the ceiling, so the position and size of the ceiling slot and the remaining amount are a problem that needs our attention. There are two ways to do this:

One is that there is no TV installed on the projection wall. If this is the case, Liao Kai suggests that the slotted position should be close to the wall, so that the projection screen is close to the wall and will not swing with the wind. There is also a case where the projection wall is equipped with a TV, then it is necessary to move the slot position to the outside according to the actual situation of your home.

2. How do small-sized home theaters solve the contradiction between perfect sound effects and super-strong sound insulation?

Regarding perfect sound effects and super-strong sound insulation, Xiao Bian has actually been mentioned in previous articles. Friends who have not seen can go and find out. I posted these two articles below:

"What are the points that are easily overlooked in the audio-visual effects of home theaters"

"How to Prevent the Sound of Home Theater from Leaking"

Well, there are a few points to be aware of when building a small-sized home theater. Xiao Bian will mention these first, and later I will update the article.

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