Avago Technologies Introduces High-Power PLCC-4 Surface Mount LED

Topic: Application
Avago Technologies announces a new line of high-brightness red, amber and orange PLCC-4 for automotive interior and exterior and ESS, Electronics Signs and Signals applications Surface mount LED products.

Avago's HSMx-A46x series of high-power PLCC-4 surface mount LEDs are specifically developed for harsh environments such as automotive, indoor and outdoor signage applications. HSMx-A46x series LEDs are suitable for automotive applications such as instrument panel backlights, ceiling lights, directional lights and third height headlights (CHMSL, Center Height Mounted Stoplights), as well as indoor and outdoor variable message standards. HSMx-A46x series LEDs are also available. Push-buttons, signal indications, etc. that can be applied to industrial applications.

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