Energy saving is not the key to production and sales is the needs of consumers.

“The key to energy saving is not the production and sales, but the consumer demand for high-energy, high-power lamps.” A lighting operator told reporters. On the afternoon of July 6, the reporter visited the Yinchuan Longhai Lighting Market. Mr. Ma’s showroom is full of high-pressure crystal lamps of various shapes. He told reporters, “In the past, people were limited by economic income. There were not many families choosing crystal lamps, but the sales of high-pressure crystal lamps in recent two or three years are very fast."

The reporter saw at the scene that in order to save operating costs, most of the exhibition halls only had a small number of energy-saving lamps, while the high-priced crystal lamps for sale were all closed. It is understood that the high-pressure crystal lamp is different from the low-pressure crystal lamp in which the energy-saving lamp is installed, and the ordinary light bulb is installed inside. A salesperson said frankly that in the summer, when the high-pressure crystal lamp is turned on, people can't stand it. It is like opening an electric heater. "The high-pressure crystal lamp is actually a luxury. It is not worthwhile to use it to illuminate it." The seller "exposed to the bottom" of the reporter, if the lighting materials use imported crystal, the market price of a finished crystal lamp that needs to install 26 bulbs is as high as 5,000 yuan.

In recent years, energy-saving lamps have gradually gained recognition in the lighting market with energy saving and good lighting effects, but ordinary incandescent bulbs still occupy a large market share. According to Mr. Ma, most consumers choose lamps to consider the decoration style of their own homes. Although high-pressure crystal lamps are expensive and consume high energy, they seem to be on the grade. "The electricity is affirmative, but for the sake of beauty, how much it costs is worth it," one consumer said. The reporter calculated an account. The use of a high-pressure crystal lamp in a living room of about 30 square meters requires at least 20 incandescent bulbs. Each bulb is calculated at 25 watts, and the power of only one lamp is more than 400 watts. Although the use of sub-control can relatively reduce the power of high-pressure crystal lamps, but still far from the energy-saving lamps. For example, an average of 10 bulbs per household is used for 6 hours per day. If a 40-watt incandescent lamp is used, the lighting required for one year is 876 degrees. If 9-watt energy-saving lamps are used, the lighting required for one year is used. The amount is 197 degrees, and the use of energy-saving lamps can save 679 degrees of electricity consumption compared to the use of incandescent lamps.

It is understood that only 6% of the incandescent light is converted into light energy, and the rest of the electrical energy is converted into heat energy, which is very wasteful and will aggravate the greenhouse effect. Energy-saving lamps save more than 80% of electricity compared with ordinary incandescent lamps, and the life of high-quality energy-saving lamps is more than 5,000 hours, which is five times that of ordinary incandescent lamps. A 20-watt energy-saving lamp is compared with a 100-watt ordinary incandescent lamp for 5,000 hours a year. According to the market price of 0.45 yuan per kWh, the former can save 180 yuan for electricity.


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