Avago Introduces ESS Application Extra Bright II Series LED

Topic: Industry Avago Technologies Announces New Signature Ultra Bright II Series Elliptical Red, Green and Blue Lights from the Application Market Design of Electronic Signs and Signals (ESS) LED light emitting diode products. The HLMP-Lx63 (4 mm) and HLMP-Hx63 (5 mm) series of LEDs offer an elliptical illumination pattern, a wide viewing angle, and high-intensity illumination for clear viewing at any angle in bright sunlight.

The high-brightness HLMP-Lx63 and HLMP-Hx63 in-line elliptical LED lamps are packaged in Avago's optical performance molds for high brightness and low power consumption. Suitable for full-color electronic standard and zhangzhang applications, such as pedestrian-specific quotation, variable message metrics, scoreboard and lane lights.

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