Cable trading: please be cautious

Cable trading: please be cautious When doing cable business, customers often encounter various customers. Since there are certain differences in the positions and positions of customers, it is necessary to treat such customers differently and use reasonable methods to “impress” customers instead of a At the beginning, he put his “card” on the customer, so that he lost his face-to-face dominance right from the beginning.

Some customers may not be interested in the cables in your hand. His focus may be on your quotation. You will need to do a few jobs. First of all, you have to determine what are the competitors that locked the customer, and the general conditions (quality, price, etc.) of those competitors' products. Only by knowing oneself and knowing one's other can we begin "operation." Then, through the communication with customers, we can roughly judge the “environment” of the customer. This does not simply refer to his position and position. It also includes his usual style of work and his way of thinking. In this way, he can grasp a certain point of contact to impress him.

Nowadays, the cable industry can be said to be relatively transparent, and the price can be roughly estimated through the price of copper. The price of several suppliers will also be compared by the customer. If the customer cannot attract customers through the performance of the product, the low price should be Very critical factor. For the salesman, the quote must be careful.

For quotations, first of all, we must measure whether the intermediate link produces invisible income. If not, we must not be far from the cost price and give the actual price. Otherwise, anyone will be scared away. Second, in the quotation, do not quote the quote price directly at first. Popular psychology has a trend of bargaining. If the price is too dead, it may give the customer a certain degree of resistance. The beginning of the quotation can first inform the customer how much the MOQ price can be properly adjusted so that both the buyer and the seller have a room for recovery.

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