Kyushu University, Japan has developed OLED materials with an efficiency of 86%

It is reported that the research team led by Anda Chiba, a professor at the Kyushu University's "Promise Organic Photoelectric Research Center (OPERA)", has recently developed an OLED material with a luminosity of 86%. The new material not only has the important feature of not using precious metal ruthenium, but also its energy state suitable for organic molecule luminescence is greatly improved from the ordinary 25% to 86.5%. The advent of this new type of OLED material will make the development of a new generation of low-power TV sets and LED lighting equipment highly anticipated.
The new material consists of two molecules that, according to the "Exciplex" phenomenon, cause energy to move between adjacent molecules to emit light. In the past, in the field of OLED, this phenomenon has been considered to reduce the luminous efficiency. This research subverts this "common sense".

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