Home LED lighting market will start in late 2012

China released the roadmap to phase out incandescent lamps in October 2012. At that time, most people also thought that energy-saving lamps would replace incandescent lamps. Only half a year later, a more efficient and energy-saving semiconductor lighting has entered the market on a large scale.

The LED lamp has obvious advantages in energy saving: Compared with the same brightness, the 3W LED energy saving lamp consumes 1 kW in 333 hours, while the ordinary 60W incandescent lamp consumes 1 kW in 17 hours and the ordinary 5W energy saving lamp consumes 1 kW in 200 hours. Not only that, LED lamp life is 5 to 6 times that of ordinary energy-saving lamps. “If you do not consider material aging factors, an LED lamp may take more than 20 years.” said Li Xiao, vice president of BOE Technology Group.

LED lighting technology and productization have matured. During the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” period, the Guangdong Province’s GDP per unit of GDP should achieve a 19.5% reduction. For this reason, from March 1, 2012, all lighting projects and new planned development areas in Guangdong Province that are financed by the government will use LED lights in the public lighting field.

On March 20, 2012, the "2012 Semiconductor Lighting Products Financial Subsidy Promotion Project" organized by the Ministry of Finance, the National Development and Reform Commission, and the Ministry of Science and Technology conducted an open tender in mainland China. Nearly 300 bid representatives from 110 companies from all parts of the country participated. Tender. The China Development and Reform Commission has made it clear that in 2012 the Chinese government will spend RMB 40 billion (hereinafter referred to as yuan) for the purchase of LED street lamps, providing 30% financial subsidies to users of LED street lamps.

The subsidy policy will not only stimulate the LED public lighting market, but also stimulate the demand for civilian LED lighting. Industry insiders believe that the real launch of the home LED lighting market will begin at the end of this year.

As a barometer for the global lighting industry, the Guangzhou International Lighting Fair's data also shows such signs. According to Mr. Hu Zhongshun, the general manager of the organizer Guangzhou Guangya Frankfurt Exhibition Co., Ltd., the Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition held in June this year is not only The scale has been further expanded to reach 220,000 square meters. At the same time, the world’s top 500 companies and dozens of well-known listed companies in the mainland have looted large booths to prepare for the industrial recovery in the second half of the year.

In 2011, a total of 7 LED industry enterprises in the mainland achieved IPO in the A-share market, with a total financing amount of 3.625 billion yuan and an average single-company company financing of 518 million yuan. From the perspective of market distribution, five of these companies landed on the GEM, while the other two were listed on the SME board.

The mergers and acquisitions of international companies, and increase investment in LED business will enable the entire LED industry's production capacity will increase significantly. A large amount of funds from the mainland will be injected into the LED industry, which will lead to LED capacity expansion. Industry shuffling is inevitable.

Hu Zhongshun revealed that the number of exhibitors this year has decreased by 35% from last year, from 2,900 to 2,300, indicating that the concentration of companies has increased and the industry reshuffle is beginning. This year, the super large booths were seized by Chinese and foreign listed companies. Philips earlier won over 584 square meters of booths at the Guangzhou International Lighting Fair, and competed with the first LED semiconductor lighting company in mainland China to win the exhibition "standard king."

LEDinside believes that for the Chinese market, many of the LED industry's small businesses will face tough competition in 2012, although they can still have a better residual market after the big manufacturers scatter the lighting market, but still have to be careful with the future, the industry's Reshuffling, as well as the use of traditional light bulbs to ban business opportunities in 2012, companies with stronger capabilities and technological content will have a better chance of success.

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