DOE means that the Lighting Facts tag will add two key performance indicators.

Recently, the US Energy Agency's Solid State Lighting Project Group said that there will be two new optional indicators on the Lighting Facts label, namely “Quality Assurance” and “Lumen Maintenance Rate” indicators based on LM-80 and TM-21 tests.

“Quality Assurance” will no longer be measured in the L70 (ie, the time it takes for the light output to drop to 70% of the initial value), because L70 is considered synonymous with life, and this understanding is incorrect. Instead, the indicator will use a ratio of life expectancy of 10,000 hours, 15,000 hours, and 25,000 hours of light output. However, the US Energy Administration also pointed out that this approach is not necessarily the most correct, because the life of the product components is not considered.

Lighting Facts is a DOE test project, similar to Caliper, which is a basis for product selection for buyers. There are five key performance indicators available on the Lighting Facts tab: Light Output (lm), Energy Consumption (W), Light Efficiency (lm/W), CRI, and CCT. Currently, 4,750 products have been approved for use with the Lighting Facts label.

Premium and Atrium PLCs offer main counting functions (down-counting, upcounting, up/down counting) from the application-specific "counting" modules ("Installing the Counting Module", Premium and Atrium using PL7, Counter modules, User manual). Three modules are offered: z a 2-channel module and a 4-channel module for the incremental encoder, with a maximum reading frequency of 40 kHz, z a 2-channel module for: z incremental encoder, with a maximum reading frequency of 500 kHz, z absolute SSI series encoder, with a maximum reading frequency of 2 MHz.

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