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OLED is coming! When Samsung and LG took the lead in launching OLED TVs at the Consumer Electronics Show, the industry simply took such products as future concepts. However, when Samsung decided to suspend production of LCD TVs in China and began to force OLEDs, all color TV companies knew that OLEDs were really coming. However, under the background of the gradual elimination of traditional LCD TVs, LED LCD and OLED TV products will dominate the market in the next five years.

The OLED display uses an organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) to provide backlight for the display, so the power consumption is relatively small compared to the LED display. In addition, the image quality and response speed of the OLED display are also better than the traditional LCD screen.

Korean companies attach the greatest importance to OLED. According to previous news, Samsung will shift its development focus to OLED display products after splitting the LCD display business.

As early as April 2010, LG Display Company stated that it will invest USD 223 million to expand its OLED production line. Chap Sin, vice president of strategy and marketing center at LG Display, said that consumer demand for OLED displays will begin to increase in 2013. By then, the price gap between OLED TVs and LCD TVs will shrink to about 30%.

Japanese and Chinese Taiwanese companies are not to be outdone. At present, Sony is already developing OLED TVs, and AU Optronics of Taiwan also began mass production of OLED displays for mobile devices in 2011, while developing OLED displays for TVs and tablets.

Although domestic companies do not have sufficient ability to control the upper reaches of the panel, Skyworth has established a small-size OLED production line with South China University of Technology to accumulate technology. TCL Group Chairman Li Dong also disclosed before his birthday that TCL decided to accelerate product development for the next generation of display technology, and will build an OLED panel experiment line in the second half of this year. How long does it take for OLED TVs to become popular?

Industry confrontation within five years of OLED TV will appear in the home appliance analyst Liang Zhenpeng: OLED TV is now recognized as the world's best next-generation flat panel display technology. Although the current mainstream product of flat panel televisions is a liquid crystal television, the liquid crystal television has a fatal flaw that the liquid crystal television cannot self-illuminate, but illuminates the liquid crystal panel to display an image through the light emitted from the backlight bulb. This form of passive lighting causes LCD TVs to inherently have some inherent problems in image display, such as a small viewing angle, insufficient color brightness, and insufficient trueness of color reproduction. OLED is self-luminous, which can effectively solve the current image display defects of LCD TVs. In addition, OLED has breakthrough innovations in environmental performance, ultra-thinness, and screen flexibility. In the next five years, leading companies in OLED technology will take the initiative.

Yang Dongwen, CEO of Skyworth Group: OLED is a revolution in the display technology of the color TV industry. The OLED display has self-luminous properties, no backlight source, high contrast, ultra-thin, wide viewing angle, fast response, wide operating temperature range, and simple construction and process advantages. OLED TVs will enter the promotion period next year and gradually enter the lives of consumers. It will take at least two years before they enter the industrial harvest.

Anti-party is still the LCD in the world within five years of the TCL Group Chairman Li Dongsheng: OLED applications in small and medium screens will soon come, but in the application of television screens, the current technology is still immature, and the cost is very high. In the next 8-10 years, LCD TVs will remain the market leader.

Gu Zhihua, Director of Flat Panel Display Engineering Research Center, Fudan University: Although OLED represents a clearer direction for the development of new flat panel display technology, the mainstream TV display technology in the market is still LCD in the next five years. If liquid crystals have technological breakthroughs in display technology, energy saving, and appearance, they will prolong industrial life. At present, domestic enterprises with panel display technology have very big advantages.

Same as the others IR LED , 1300nm LED can packaged by SMD LED and Through-hole LED.

1300nm led is a infrared LED(IR LED). Common infrared LEDs are like: 1300nm IR LED, 1350nm IR LED and so on.

For the Through-hole Light Emitting Diode 1300nm LED,

We can customize the shape, the lighting angle, the number of emitting source, the flat pin LED and braided LED. Such as: infrared 5mm 1300nm LED with 5 degree, infrared 5mm 1300nm LED with 20 degree, infrared 5mm 1300nm LED with 30 degree, infrared 5mm 1300nm LED with 45 degree, infrared 5mm 1300nm LED with 60 degree, infrared 5mm 1300nm with 90 degree, infrared 5mm 1300nm LED with 120 degree. Infrared 3mm 1300nm LED with 3 degree, infrared 3mm 1300nm LED with 20 degree, infrared 3mm 1300nm LED with 30 degree, infrared 3mm 1300nm LED with 45 degree, infrared 3mm 1300nm LED with 60 degree, infrared 3mm 1300nm with 90 degree, infrared 3mm 1300nm LED with 120 degree ect.

There are many other shapes or color of lens for your choose. Customized infrared LED are available

For the SMD LED 1300nm LED,

We can supply dual-chip infrared LED, three-chip infrared LED, multi-chip infrared LED, high voltage LED, flashing infrared LED and variety of size SMD LED. For instance: 3528 SMD infrared 1300nm LED, 2835 SMD infrared 1300nm LED, 3014 SMD infrared 1300nm LED, 1206 SMD infrared 1300nm LED, 3020 SMD infrared 1300nm LED.
There are also have many other shapes to choose, like the 5050 SMD infrared LED, the 5730 SMD infrared LED ect. You can choose any one of them for your requirement.

1300nm LED

1300nm IR LED, 1300nm LED, 1300nm Infrared LED

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