Intelligent LED street light and building lighting communication, control and protection solutions

[Source: "High-tech LED - Technology and Applications" July issue / ON Semiconductor]

Smart Lighting involves communication and sensing functions that enable remote control (on or off, dimming or changing color) and monitoring (remote diagnostics) of one or more fixtures in a building, street or home. Smart lighting also provides information to the luminaire that allows it to be tuned for use or ambient light. On the other hand, high-brightness white LEDs are ideal for area lighting applications, with better directionality, better color quality, and environmental protection, and can be more easily controlled to turn on and off, allowing automatic detection of ambient light to change brightness. It is gaining more and more attention in applications such as smart LED street lights.

Intelligent lighting communication can be achieved with wireless or existing power line infrastructure. The power line is the world's largest copper infrastructure, with power outlets in every corner of the home or office building, making it an extremely wide-ranging network. Since all Lighting Fixtures are connected to the power line to convert electricity into light, power line communication (PLC) has become a reasonable way to communicate the main communication and control links of intelligent lighting.

Using its advanced semiconductor technology, ON Semiconductor has introduced communications, sensors, KNX transceivers and protection solutions for intelligent lighting that help perform the same or even more tasks with less power, further improving energy efficiency and saving energy.

For example, using an ON Semiconductor PLC modem (such as AMIS-49587), a PLC line driver (such as the NCS5650), and the like
The ambient light sensor such as the NOA1302 can easily build a networked LED street light intelligent control system based on the power line, which helps municipal, power companies and commercial enterprises to remotely adjust the light output of the street light and reduce the overall energy consumption of the street light network. In addition, in building intelligent temperature regulation and lighting control applications, ON Semiconductor KNX transceivers can also be used on twisted pair cabling to control lighting with the KNX network.

PLC modem that meets strict international standards and is market-proven

Powerline communications help utility companies add a higher level of functionality to their distribution networks, giving consumers more control over their energy consumption. ON Semiconductor offers a range of leading spread-spectrum frequency shift keying (S-FSK) PLC modems such as AMIS30585, AMIS49587 and NCN49597. Among them, AMIS-30585 and AMIS-49587 are based on ARM7 core microcontroller (MCU), only support AC work, the maximum baud rate per channel is 1.2k and 2.4k respectively; the newly introduced NCN49597 is based on ARMCortex M0 core MCU, Support AC and DC work, the maximum baud rate per channel is 4.8k, support Cenelec A, B, C and D bands, and provide programmable software. ON Semiconductor also expects to launch the NCN49599 PLC modem with integrated power amplifier functionality based on the NCN49597 in the second half of 2012.

These rugged narrowband PLC modems embed PHY+MAC, comply with strict international standards (FCC, CENELEC, IEC61334-5-1) and operate on low and medium voltage networks to provide the best bill of materials (BOM) cost and Very low energy consumption.

For more information, please refer to the July issue of "High-tech LED - Technology and Applications" magazine.

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