Wu Changjiang's debut, NVC's market value evaporated 2.1 billion in January

[Source: "New Industry" July issue reporter / Wu Juping]

Just one month, because of the sudden departure of NVC, founder, chairman and CEO of NVC Lighting (02222.HK), the share price of NVC Lighting fell from HK$2.2 on the day to HK$1.52 on June 27. 31%, the lowest even fell to 1.42 Hong Kong dollars, the market value evaporated more than 2.1 billion Hong Kong dollars.

Regarding the reasons and influence of Wu Changjiang’s resignation, various speculations have emerged. During this period, NVC lighting remained basically silent, and Wu Changjiang explained the reason for resignation only through Weibo: It was because of the recent physical and mental exhaustion that he wanted to take a break, so he resigned, not what the suspicion of the gambling lost. There is also no contradiction between the directors and the shareholders. At the same time, Wu Changjiang also emphasized in Weibo that he also wants to be the largest shareholder of NVC Lighting.

Just one month after the interval, Wu Changjiang finally met with the media in Hong Kong. He admitted for the first time that he had assisted the relevant departments in investigating. As for when he returned to the mainland, Wu Changjiang did not answer specifically.

Following the two consecutive days of capital increase of 12.27 million Hong Kong dollars on June 1 and 12, Wu Changjiang's shareholding has increased to 19.19%, regaining the status of the largest shareholder, and Safran and Schneider Electric respectively hold shares. 18.48% and 9.21%.

From the date of Wu Changjiang’s resignation, Yan Yan, the shareholder of Softbank Saifu, has become the new chairman of NVC Lighting. Zhang Kaipeng from Schneider Electric became the CEO of NVC Lighting and made a public appearance at the Guangzhou Lighting Exhibition in early June.

However, the current lighting market is at a critical moment in the transformation of traditional lighting to LED lighting. In the past two years, Wu Changjiang has also carefully arranged for the transformation of LED lighting, and even moved the NVC lighting headquarters from Huizhou to its hometown of Wu Changjiang in Chongqing to speed up the NVC. The pace of lighting transformation to LED lighting.

Today, the founder Wu Changjiang suddenly went to work. Whether the layout of NVC lighting on LEDs can continue, whether the successors, Yan Yan and Zhang Kaipeng, can lead NVC lighting out of the current painful period, is still a question mark.

Adjust operating mode

“The core competitiveness of NVC Lighting is its operating mode, which is the exclusive agency operation center model.” The general manager of NVC Lighting's local operation center told the “New Industry” at the end of June that NVC Lighting has operations centers in various places. A considerable market development initiative is also one of the main sources of NVC lighting business.

These operations center managers are working together with Wu Changjiang. Wu Changjiang has great control and influence on these operation centers. Wu Changjiang's departure will naturally have some impact on the operation of local operation centers.

NVC Lighting Annual Report shows that NVC has 36 exclusive regional distributors across the country, with 2,968 lighting stores, and plans to add 400 lighting stores in 2012.

The general manager of the above operation center said that each exclusive regional distributor is the local operation center of NVC Lighting. The specialty stores are mainly opened by dealers. “Wu Changjiang may have difficulty returning to NVC lighting in the short term. The original operation The system is bound to be significantly affected."

Perhaps based on Wu Changjiang's personal influence, Wu Changjiang was formerly the chairman and CEO of NVC Lighting, which violated the relevant provisions of the Corporate Governance Code for listed companies in Hong Kong.

In this regard, NVC Lighting also stated in its earnings report that due to the special role, Wu Changjiang's experience and its reputation in the Chinese lighting industry, and Wu Changjiang's importance to the company's strategic development, it is necessary for the same person to serve Both the chairman and the CEO, both of which help to implement strong and consistent market leadership, are critical to the company's efficient business planning and decision making.

“In fact, although the operation centers of various places are the foundation of NVC Lighting, they are mainly responsible for the retail and wholesale markets in various places.” The general manager of the above operation center pointed out that the operation mode of the operation center is not in the major projects and major customer projects. Any advantage. Large projects and large customers need to use more resources, and independent local operations centers are often lacking in this regard.

On the contrary, in the crucial moment of the transformation of traditional lighting to LED lighting in the past two years, many large projects and large customers are often demanding LED lighting products. Therefore, Wu Changjiang also began to adjust the operating mode of NVC in the past year, and gradually turned the opening work of large projects and major customers into NVC lighting.


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