The 3 most unique startups in American healthcare

Electronic enthusiasts core tips : If American health care still confuses consumers, wasting money and not providing the best service, this is not because medical technology companies lack good ideas to solve problems. At a health technology startup demonstration in San Francisco on Wednesday, 10 startups (selected from 200 companies) presented their plans to referees from the field of health venture capital. The audience can send text messages about the entrepreneurial projects that they support, and finally the referee selects 2 winning projects (one for each round) and one of the most popular projects. The following is an introduction of these three very characteristic startup companies:

The winner of the round-Beyond Lucid Technology

Inspired by the personal experience of co-founder ChrisTIan Witt, Beyond Lucid provides technical assistance for emergency medical services (EMS) to ensure that valuable patient data can be transferred to the hospital, and emergency doctors can also get their due compensation for their timely response .

Witt said that his father and sister were killed in a car accident 5 years ago, when the emergency doctor did not have enough technology and tools to save their lives, so the company's mission is "in the future when other families encounter this kind of thing provide help."

The company said that half of the EMS organizations use paper records, which means that when critical patients are taken to the hospital, the case data of half of them has been lost.

With the help of Mediview, a Beyond Lucid cloud platform, EMS agencies or care centers can efficiently and paperlessly obtain and transmit multimedia data related to emergencies with GPS marks.

The company is part of New York-based startup Health Academy. It has received US $ 500,000 in seed funding and is currently seeking US $ 3.25 million in Series A investments.

Two rounds of winners-both the championship and the winner of the audience vote Aidin

When a patient is discharged from the hospital, doctors often recommend the use of some late recovery equipment.

However, Aidin's founder and CEO Russ Graney said that doctors' "recommendations" tend to make a detailed list on a piece of paper, which will cause patients, discharge planners and care providers to spend a lot of time and energy to interpret.

To solve this problem, Aidin provides a platform like Opentable or Yelp to match patients with the best post-care providers (such as nurses' homes or health institutions).

The discharge planner can get the patient's relevant information (their name, the type of equipment needed, insurance information, etc.). The website also generates reports on the best providers, including patient feedback, medical insurance ratings, and how often the provider sends patients back to the hospital.

For patients, Aidin provides the simplest and most effective way to find a suitable care provider, which for hospitals reduces the relapse rate of patients (both help the hospital avoid punishment).

The company was incubated by the Blueprint health technology startup incubator in New York. It has received US $ 600,000 in seed funding and is currently looking for more investment.

The winner of the round-the winner chosen by the audience CarePlanners

Co-founded by New York media executives and lawyers Alan Blaustein, surgeon and NBC News chief medical editor Dr. Nancy Snyderman, CarePlanners aims to become an AAA company in the healthcare industry.

As we knew earlier, the company was inspired by Blaustein ’s own experience in the complex medical world (he was diagnosed with thymic cancer 7 years ago).

CarePlanners establishes a network of nurses, social workers, insurance experts, and other health care providers between patients and care providers to help patients find the most suitable care services in the intricate medical world.

At present, the company has been able to provide a range of services based on the needs of patients and care providers. Looking ahead, it intends to provide membership-based services (corresponding to AAA-level companies) to facilitate the management of family medical information. CarePlanners has received the first round of angel investment and is also part of Startup Health.

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