The 12th round of product test results of the US Department of Energy CALiPER project (4)

[Source: "High-tech led-technology and application" January issue / high-tech LED editorial compilation] From January 2011 to 2011 and March 2011, CALiPER conducted the 12th round of solid-state lighting test. This round of tests used absolute spectroradiometry and goniophotometry for absolute optical measurements of 40 representative products (including 31 solid-state lighting and 9 traditional lighting) for different models and technologies. ). All 31 solid-state lighting products are tested in accordance with the North American Institute of Lighting Engineering (IESNA) LM - 79 -08 test process; in addition, the nine reference lamps are also measured by absolute photometry to facilitate direct test results for solid-state lighting products and benchmark products. Comparison.

4-foot linear replaceable lamp and reflector

In the early CALiPER test, the reference linear fluorescent lamp and the solid-state replaceable lamp were separately tested for bare light and tested in the reflector tank (5th, 9th and 9th rounds), and the data showed solid linear replaceable lamps. There is a great improvement in light efficiency, but it is relatively weaker in light output power and light distribution than in reflective trough type fluorescent lamps. The earliest comparison test was performed between a T12 fluorescent lamp equipped with a diamond lens reflector and a louvered linear T18 fluorescent lamp. A two-lamp, high-efficiency reflective reference lamp was also added to the 19th round of testing. In the 11th round of testing, a single-lamp high-efficiency reflective trough type lamp was added as a reference lamp, and a double-lamp type high-efficiency reflective trough type lamp using different ballasts was also tested. Figure 16 shows a structural sketch of a parabolic louver fluorescent lamp and a highly efficient reflective trough type lamp. At present, most solid products installed in louvered parabolic troughs are not comparable in light output and light distribution to linear fluorescent lamps.

One difficulty in designing solid state lighting products to replace linear replaceable lamps is that fluorescent lamps are omnidirectional and LED lamps are directional. Fluorescent light troughs are specifically designed and optimized for omnidirectional lights, so solid-state lights that pack LED lights into a row do not take advantage of the optical advantages of the light trough. In the 11th round, a new question emerged, how can the solid-state linear replaceable lamp work well in high-efficiency reflectors and in lenticular non-planar light troughs?

As of the 11th round of testing, solid-state linear luminaires with housings have been used in lens trowels and louver

Tested in the line-type lamp slot, but there is no test in the high-efficiency reflector lamp slot. In order to give an example in the high-efficiency reflector lamp slot, the 10-16 and 10-18 lamps with the highest luminous efficiency of the bare lamp in the eleventh round test were selected, and the reference lamps BK 09-67 and BK 10- The high-efficiency reflector lamp provided in 34 measures the inherent loss of the device and the illuminating distribution. It should be noted that the CCT of the two solid-state lamps selected in this test is higher than that of the fluorescent lamp in the reference lamp test, which makes the LED lamp more competitive.

For more information, please refer to the "High-tech LED - Technology and Applications" January issue

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