OSRAM Introduces New Generation of High Power Oslon SSL LEDs with More Constant Efficiency

OSRAM Opto Semiconductors has introduced a new generation of high-power Oslon SSL LEDs. The performance of the new generation of high-power LEDs has been greatly improved, and the luminous efficiency has increased by about 20%. The luminous flux of this LED in high temperature environment is now also stable. Therefore, even at a higher application temperature, almost constant luminous efficiency can be maintained. These optimized features greatly simplify the workload of the luminaire design.

With the birth of a new generation of Oslon SSL, a near-constant temperature LED light source, the typical luminous flux of warm white light (3000K) is as high as 98 lm at 350 mA operating current; and even when the application temperature of the chip rises to 85 ° C, the luminous flux It will not be lowered. The typical luminous efficiency of the new generation Oslon SSL is 96 lm/W, which represents its luminous flux to power ratio, which is the highest luminous efficiency that can be achieved with 1 mm2 chip LEDs on the market today.

Compared with the previous generation, this product not only increases the luminous flux, but also reduces the forward voltage to 3.1 V. The combination of the two is equivalent to increasing the luminous efficiency by about 25%. For manufacturers of lighting solutions, these advantages also make the development of lamps more simple: a smaller number of LEDs can achieve the same luminous flux, and the luminous efficiency is not reduced.

The product's latest breakthrough in chip technology, fluorescence conversion and packaging, even in "hot" applications, the LED achieves excellent luminous flux and maintains higher temperature stability, thus greatly simplifying Thermal management. Osram pointed out that this increase in efficiency means that the initial cost will be reduced and the development of lighting solutions will become easier.

The new OSRAM Oslon SSL LEDs are available in EC-type warm white (3000K) and PC-based cool white (5000K) versions for indoor and outdoor lighting. Like the previous OSRAM Oslon SSL series, the next-generation product is also very small, only 3 mm x 3 mm, and can be used with two different lenses. Due to the reflectivity of the product package itself, the light radiated to the side or back is reflected back, allowing the light to be reused.

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