LED signboard production

LED signboard uses a new type of bright LED (light-emitting diode) combined with a single-chip microcomputer developed a practical light box. LED color is a new outdoor display media that integrates advertising, decoration and beautification environment in addition to traditional neon lights, light boxes, street signs and LED display screens. Mainly used in many outdoor night scene lighting places such as color words, LED display street signs, LED color change decoration buildings, etc.

1. Production ideas

Design Chinese character or pattern design circuit design coding and software simulation to verify circuit hardware selection and assembly of finished products.

Second, production examples

1. Design Chinese characters or patterns

The font drawing can be done with software Coreldraw9 or Coreldraw12. Pay attention to the pixel pitch according to actual needs. In this example, the CAD drawing software is used to determine the size of the font vias, holes, and spacing. After drawing, use a hand-held electric drill or machine tool to shape the hole to be impacted.

2. Design the circuit

Schematic control part (see Figure 1).

Figure 1 Schematic control part

Figure 1 Schematic control part

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