The most frustrated technology giant in 2014

2014 will come to an end. Looking back at the ups and downs of the science and technology circle of the year, which big amnesia would you have the deepest impression on? As the saying goes, “The feng shui turns around” has a fabulous landscape, and naturally there is no longer any light. Whose days are not good for them? Today, let's take a look at those frustrated bigwigs.

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Wang Xin Express CEO

At the beginning of this year, the quickly broadcasted CEO Wang Xin was arrested by public security agencies for spreading pornography. Wang Xin had sobbed tears several times during an interview with CCTV and said that there was indeed a chance of chance. Although Wang Xin has already expressed his regret, he will wait for him to be judged by law. A generation of "play artifacts" is also facing a huge fine of 260 million yuan.

Gong Haiyan Founder of Century Jiayuan

"China's Internet matchmaker first person" Gong Haiyan left Century Jiayuan Network and began secondary entrepreneurship in online education. He has established 91 foreign teachers and ladder networks, but the days are not easy. First, the ladder network funds break, Gong Haiyan returned to 91 foreign teachers and CEO Zheng Jinli disagree, resulting in the outbreak of 91 foreign personnel turmoil, Zheng Jinli left.

Chenou Jumei Youpin CEO

Four years ago, he made a high-profile debut in the manner of “speaking for himself” and founded Jumei Premium Products. In May this year, Jumei went on the stage of US stocks. However, shortly after the appearance of the market, Ju Mei was suspected of knowing that counterfeit sales were deeply troubled by fake goods. Today, Jumei Youpin, whose market value has shrunk by half, is being investigated by the US law firm, and its share price has hit a new low since its listing.

Zou Shenglong Thunder CEO

Thunder itself trapped in the blacklist of piracy, from the newly announced financial report, Thunder listed shares for several months was smashed, the market value evaporated 3 billion yuan. With the further development of the national net-net operation, its pop-up service has been shut down due to the dissemination of pornographic false information.

Chen Tianqiao Chairman of Shengda Network

The sale of Shanda Games, the acquisition of Shanda Literature, and the resignation of Chairman of Shanda Games all contributed to the outside world's feeling that this man who dared to be the first in the world seemed to be decrying. 15 years ago, Chen Tianqiao started with Shanda Games. Now, when you say goodbye to the game and switch to investing, you can't help but feel that Grand is dead and the hero is no longer!

Lin Yuqin Qin former CEO

Since Qin Shui was short, NetQin has been bitten by Qinshui, and NetQin's stock price has long been in a roller coaster state. Lin Yu himself was also in the cement tank and opened his microblog. Ten of the ten articles were all guilty of drowning incidents. "The investigation report confirmed that Dr. Shui was accused of ridiculousness!" Helplessly arguing, it would be hard to solve the crisis. Recently, NetQin announced that Lin Yu had stepped down as CEO.

Shen Zongjun, Samsung Electronics Co-CEO

Despite the fact that it was confirmed that it was a false alarm, Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. CEO Shen Zongyi will remain as the co-CEO. However, due to Samsung's frequent decline in performance this year, Shen Zongjun’s compensation is currently only half of the previous. And this time, although Shen Zong was able to stay in the position of Samsung Electronics' mobile business executive, his three effective assistants are leaving soon.

Paul Jacobs Qualcomm CEO

At this juncture, it seemed that he heard the word "monopoly" and Jacob wanted to blurt out and say "sorry." Since last year, China has conducted an anti-monopoly investigation of Qualcomm. It is reported that the National Development and Reform Commission will announce the results of the survey as soon as the end of this year, and once the anti-monopoly result is established, Qualcomm will face a fine of up to 1.2 billion US dollars.

Elop's former Nokia CEO

Nokia was acquired by Microsoft, and Elop joined Microsoft as executive vice president of the equipment division. There have been rumors that Elop intends to sell the XBox business, but this matter may not yet be listed on the Microsoft schedule. Today, this former great-minded monk is gradually disappearing from people's perspective, and there are few reports on him in the second half of this year. Finnish journalists recently commented on Elop in his new book: "One of the world's worst CEOs."

Ballmer Microsoft former CEO

After Ballmer replaced Nadella as the CEO of Microsoft, his share of the pain point at the time of his appointment seemed to have taken off. Unlike the days when Ballmer’s share price was lost, Microsoft’s stock price in Nadela’s era has been rising. The Nokia acquisition that he led before he left was basically ignored by Microsoft. Nokia employees were laid off. The Nokia brand also disappeared. Ballmer was left to respond negatively to new product responses and multiple acquisition failures.

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