Analysis of the influence of LED guardrail tube material selection on lighting products

The main components of the LED guardrail tube are: LED light-emitting diode, PCB circuit board, and outer casing. These three materials constitute the main body of the lighting products, and basically determine the material quality of the lighting products.
The following is a brief description of the impact of the selection of three materials on lighting products.
1, LED light-emitting diode
The brightness of the LED is determined by the brightness of the LED chip and the shape of the lamp package. Its lifetime is determined by the working environment and quality of the LED chip. It should be specially noted here that the standard size of LED chips used in LED guardrail tubes is generally: red, yellow 12mil, blue, green 14mil, but also 8-10 mil chips. Different sizes of chips can have the same brightness, but their lifetime is completely different, because the larger the over-power of the chip per unit area, the shorter the life, which is why the price of the same brightness LED is not the same.
2, PCB circuit board
The life of the luminaire and the failure rate of the board directly affecting the carrier of the light source. All the electronic circuits of the LED guardrail tube are on the PCB circuit board, and its material and processing technology will directly affect the quality and life of the product. The board material is divided into three types: full glass fiber, semi-glass fiber and cardboard. The standard material of the LED guardrail tube should be a full glass fiber double panel. If the semi-glass fiber or cardboard single panel is used, the quality of the welding and the moisture resistance, anti-aging ability and electrical property will be greatly reduced.
3, the outer shell
The outer casing acts as a light-mixing layer and protective layer for the luminaire product, which also affects the effect and life of the luminaire product. The engineering materials used today are generally PC (polycarbonate), which has the best anti-aging, anti-UV and anti-shock effects. Also useful as PMMA (acrylic), its weatherability is slightly worse, and brittleness is more brittle. The PC material itself is colorless, and PC tubes of different colors can be processed by adding different toners as needed. Generally, PC tubes are commonly used in both transparent and opalescent. The transparent tube is brighter than milky white, but the milky white color mixture is superior to the transparent tube.

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