Hongwei Group Debuts New Type Amorphous Silicon Thin Film Battery Module

Hongwei Group Debuts New Type Amorphous Silicon Thin Film Battery Module Hongwei Anwell Group took a new type of amorphous silicon thin-film solar cell module product to appear at “CIPV EXPO2012 4th China International Photovoltaic Industry New Technology, New Material, New Product and New Equipment Exhibition”.

Hongwei Group was founded in 2000 and is a global supplier committed to providing advanced production equipment and process technology. Its headquarters is in Hong Kong. Hongwei Group entered the optical disc manufacturing equipment industry in the early development stage and continued to develop in the blank optical disc equipment market. As Hongwei accumulated a wealth of expertise in process development, it has now become a leading supplier of optical disk production equipment.

Hongwei has strong expertise in automation systems and process engineering. Combined with its core technologies such as thin-film and vacuum coating, Hongwei expands the Group's business into Photovoltaic and Organic Light-Emitting Diode (OLED) industries. We understand that success requires constant effort. There is absolutely no shortcut. We are convinced that the production solution is the perfect combination of hardware and technology. Only in the process of independent research and development and process design that is constantly changing and new can we lead us to find the best solution. We are committed to providing each customer with the world's top production equipment and creating the highest returns in the high-tech industry.

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