Zhongshan Xiaolan will replace OLED lighting for the first time

[High-tech LED News] Recently, the government of Xiaolan Town, Zhongshan City received the OLED lighting chandelier from Japan's Doda Electronics Group. The luminaires are equipped with different sizes of OLEDs on different sizes of rings, with 3 styles. A total of 7 pieces.

Japan's Doka Electronics said that the group of lamps is currently the world's newest and most advanced OLED lighting, and is also the first time to export OLED lamps abroad. The Xiaolan Town Government has planned to replace the lighting in the lobby of the first floor of the town government with OLED lighting in three phases. Xiaolan will become the first township in Zhongshan to apply OLED lighting.

It is understood that OLED lighting will be the new favorite of the next era of lighting, its spectrum is the closest to all sunlight in the current light source, and does not contain ultraviolet light, and the replacement of incandescent lamps with OLED can achieve carbon dioxide emission reduction of 90%.

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