Explore the impact of LED printing on the current two mainstream printing technologies

LED technology is a brand-new printing technology for many consumers, even though it has been 28 years since its birth; LED technology poses a threat to business jets and laser printing, even though its current camp only has OKI, Fuji Xerox and brothers. Three. Stepping into the printing market in 2011, more people are talking about LED technology, because it is more environmentally friendly and more energy efficient, in line with human development requirements, we have reason to believe that with more and more manufacturers to join, LED printing technology must have new development of. Let's discuss the impact of LEDs on lasers and business jets, as well as their future direction.

First, the birth of LED printer

The first LED printer was born in 1983, 12 years after the birth of the laser printer, and 7 years after the birth of the inkjet printer. It can be said that the LED printer was born under the threat of laser and inkjet printing, so it has been in a difficult situation for a long time. The manufacturer that actively promotes the development of LED printing technology is OKI. From 1983, the printing heads of 240dpi LED arrays and 64bit driver ICs were used. By 2005, EFB technology was incorporated, and thin-film LED arrays were used to combine the light-emitting components and the driving circuit. Head, the LED print head has undergone five generations of updates to finally achieve high-definition text and image output, and OKI has been insisting on LED technology development for 28 years.

In addition, OKI has released a number of new technologies to improve print quality and speed, and brought color printers using LED technology to China. On the other hand, as the originator of laser printing, Fuji Xerox also began research and development of LED technology, especially its 1200dpi adaptive LED print head combined with accurate ASIC driver chip, which overcomes the drawbacks of traditional LED print heads and achieves high Resolution printing effect, while reducing the size of the printer and reducing noise, this is Fuji Xerox's SLED technology, the development of this new technology, to a large extent, LED printing technology has a higher capital with laser and inkjet .

Second, more energy efficient and more environmentally friendly

LED is a new type of light source, which has many advanced features compared with traditional light sources, which is also a factor that LEDs can play a dominant role in printing technology. First of all, due to the difference of the light source, the internal structure of the printing unit is also different. Compared with the laser printing technology, the LED heat generation and power consumption are relatively small, and the body volume can be smaller. Secondly, the LED printer adopts a straight paper path for imaging once. This paper feeding method can effectively reduce the paper jam rate and can adapt to thicker paper passing. Once again, the LED print head is made of semiconductor components, and the stability and reliability are very good, and the service life is long. Finally, the most important thing is that the LED light source emits little energy, does not ionize the air to produce ozone and other odors, and does not contain harmful substances such as mercury, which fully meets the social “green” demand.

The LED print head is made of semiconductor components and has a long service life. It is these advantages that make LED printing technology begin to be recognized and accepted by consumers. Consumers are also beginning to reflect on the shortcomings of laser printing technology and inkjet printing technology, and try to change the existing printing habits. It is also the consumer who has such a thought, which makes the printing market, which is already safe and sound, renewed.

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