Xiamen Dilcon spent 3 billion investment in photovoltaic projects officially settled in Xuchang, Henan

[High-tech LED News] Xiamen Dierkang Technology Co., Ltd. invested 3 billion yuan to build a photovoltaic and solar energy project, which was officially settled in the Taiwanese Industrial Park in Weidu District, Xuchang, Henan. The company also plans to invest 1 billion yuan in Weidu District to provide road lighting and contract energy management services for the project.

It is understood that the project is expected to be completed in three phases. The first phase will build LED street lights, solar garden lights and other production projects; the second phase will build solar hard boards, solar soft boards, inverters, solar photovoltaic light and heat integration, concentrating new solar tracking system production projects and electric vehicle related components. R & D and manufacturing; three phases of planning investment in the Golden Sun 10 MW power generation project.

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